QAR 499

Supply chain management is the handling of the entire production flow of a good or service - starting from the raw components all the way to delivering the final product to the consumer. One of the best ways for businesses to serve their customers well is to make effective supply chain management a strategic priority. What is supply chain management? Simply put, supply chain management oversees all the processes that integrate suppliers to work efficiently together to move a product from creation to the customer’s hands, taking into account supply and demand along the way. Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM connects your supply network with an integrated suite of cloud business applications designed and built to outpace change. Oracle SCM (Supply Chain Management Cloud) is a cloud-based application built by Oracle. It unifies end-to-end business processes considering the changing supply chain needs of the modern enterprises. Supply Chain Collaboration and Visibility Cloud. Supply Chain Execution Cloud (Inventory, Maintenance, Manufacturing).You'll learn how to identify and demonstrate the functional setups that must be performed to execute and cost the basic inventory transactions that are core to supply chain management. This course is intended for implementers.

TEAM ACADEMY offers Oracle Fusion SCM Training Crash Course in 3 Weekends , 3 Hours per Day x 6 Days = 18 Hours.

Course duration: 18 Hours | Required study hours: 18 to 20 hours.

Training Mode : Online live interactive – Instructor led training program

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    Classroom training - Online Interactive with the batch size of 15 to 20 People

        Knowledge on Oracle Apps R12 Financials is Preferred

        Experiential Workshops -Top-rated instructors imparting in-depth training, hands-on exercises with high energy workshop.
        Certificate Exam Success Formula -Training begins taking a fresh approach from basic, unique modules, flexible, and enjoyable.
        Certificate Exam Application Assistance -The training program includes several lab assignments, developed as per real industry scenarios.
        Certificate Journey Support -Basic to intermediate and eventually advanced practicing full hands-on lab exercises till you master.
        Exclusive Post-Training Sessions -Includes evaluation, feedback, and tips to handle critical issues in live setup after you are placed in a job.
        Highly Qualified, Certified, and Accredited trainers.
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    ORACLE Fusion SCM Training

    Oracle Corporation is an American multinational computer technology corporation headquartered in Austin, Texas. Helps people and companies collect, organize, and visualize data to deliver competitive advantage. A cloud technology company that provides organizations around the world with computing infrastructure and software to help them innovate, unlock efficiencies and become more effective. We also created the world’s first – and only – autonomous database to help organize and secure our customers’ data.

    Module 1 : Product Data Hub Cloud Implementation
    1.1 Create Location for Inventory Org
    1.2 Create Facility Shifts
    1.3 Create Facility Workday Pattern
    1.4 Create Facility Schedules
    1.5 Create Item/Master Inventory Organization
    1.6 Catalog and category
    1.7 Default category
    1.8 Create Inventory Organizations
    1.9 Create Sub-Inventory & Locators
    1.10 Define UOM
    Module 2 : Inventory Management Cloud Implementation
    Module 3 : Inventory Cost Management Cloud Implementation
    3.1 Master Item Creation Process
    3.2 Receipt Creation Process
    3.3 Receipt Routings
    3.4 Receipt Put Away
    3.5 Conducting Inspection & Delivery of Materials
    3.6 Checking On hand Availability
    3.7 Movement Orders
    3.8 Sub-Inventory Transfers
    3.9 Inter org transfer & Setting up parameters
    3.10 Manage Inter Organization Transfer
    3.11 Purchase Returns
    3.12 Creating Miscellaneous Receipts
    3.13 Creating Unordered Receipt
    3.14 Creating Blind Receipts/Receiving
    3.15 Review Completed Transactions
    3.16 Physical Count
    3.17 Cycle Count
    Module 4 : Oracle Procurement Cloud Implementation
    4.1 Prepare Transaction Upload Template
    4.2 Generate ZIP file
    4.3 Load ZIP file in ERP Cloud UCM
    4.4 Submit accounting process
    4.5 Review Journals in Subledger
    4.6 Review Journals in General Ledger
    4.7 Drill down from GL to Subledger
    Module 5 : Set Up and Manage Supplier Qualification Management
    5.1 Supplier Qualification Management
    5.2 Introduction to SQM
    5.3 Fusion Interface Basics
    5.4 Prerequisites for SQM:
    5.5 Roles
    5.6 Offerings
    5.7 Procurement Agents
    5.8 Concept and Flow of SQM
    5.9 Questionnaires
    5.10 Creating Questions with several variations
    5.11 Qualification Areas
    5.12 Create Qualification Area
    5.13 Set Up Scoring
    5.14 Set Up Automatic Requalification
    5.15 Add Questions in the Qualification Area
    5.16 Understand Knockouts
    5.17 Qualification Model
    5.18 Create Qualification Area and understand the Possible Variations
    5.19 Add Qualification Areas
    5.20 Set Up Qualification Model Outcomes
    5.21 Assessment Initiative
    5.22 Understand Initiative Types
    5.23 Create Initiative and Questionnaire
    5.24 Add Suppliers in the Initiative
    5.25 Preview the Initiative
    5.26 Response and Evaluation
    5.27 Receive and Enter Responses from Suppliers
    5.28 Evaluate the Responses
    5.29 Verify Automatic and Manual Scoring
    5.30 Review the Initiative Outcome
    Module 6 : Set Up and Manage Fusion Sourcing
    Module 7 : Set Up and Manage Procurement Contracts
    7.1. Procurement Contracts
    7.2. Prerequisites
    7.3. Add Necessary Roles
    7.4. Configure Contract Management Business Functions
    7.5. Create Contract Type
    7.6. Configure Electronic Signature
    7.7. Configure Clause Types
    7.8. Setup Contract Clause Import File Location
    7.9. Terms Library
    7.10. You will learn the create the following in Terms Library:
    7.11. Clause
    7.12. Section
    7.13. Terms Template
    7.14. Question
    7.15. Rule
    7.16. Constant / Variable
    7.17. Folder
    7.18. Numbering Scheme
    7.19. Create Contracts
    7.20. Create a Contract
    7.21. Duplicate Contract
    7.22. Amend Contract
    Module 8 : Self Service Procurement
    8.1 Logging into Fusion
    8.2 Configure Offerings
    8.3 Creating Implementation Project
    8.4 Selecting Offerings
    8.5 Accessing Task List
    8.6 Performing Tasks
    8.7 Accessing Navigator Menus
    8.9 Users, Roles and Data Access
    8.10 Create user
    8.11 Assign roles
    8.12 Assign data access sets
    8.13 Order Management Basics
    8.14 Upstream and Fulfillment Source Systems
    8.15 Collect Order Reference Data
    8.16 Manage Order Profiles
    8.17 OM parameters
    8.18 Important Lookups
    8.19 Setup Order Extensible Flexfields
    8.20 Setup Holds
    8.21 Processing Constraints
    8.22 Setup Drop Ship Financial Flows
    8.23 Order Orchestration Process
    8.24 Define Orchestration Process
    8.25 Create Orchestration Process Assignment Rules
    8.26 Order Transformation Rules
    8.27 Pre Transformation Rules
    8.28 Product Transformation Rules
    8.29 Post Transformation Rules
    8.30 Order Approvals
    8.31 Configure Order Approval Rules
    8.32 Pricing
    8.33 Setting up Price Lists
    8.34 Customer Pricing Profiles
    8.35 Setup Pricing Segments
    8.36 Create Pricing Strategies
    8.37 Configure Pricing Strategy Assignments
    8.38 Create Shipping Charge List
    8.39 Service Mappings and Algorithms
    8.40 Shipping
    8.41 Shipping Document Sequence Categories
    8.42 Shipping Document Sequences
    8.43 Pick Release Sequence Rules
    8.44 Ship Confirm Rules
    8.45 Define Shipping Parameters
    8.46 Create Pick Wave Release Rules
    8.47 Approvals
    8.48 Approval Groups for Procurement
    8.49 Implementation of Requisition Approvals
    8.50 Implementation of Purchasing Document Approvals
    8.51 Global Order Promising (GOP)
    8.52 GOP Setup: ATP and sourcing rule
    8.53 Refresh GOP Server
    8.54 Order Management Transactions
    8.55 Navigation, Key Terminologies and Order Entry
    8.56 Approve Orders
    8.57 Apply and Release Holds
    8.58 Fulfilling Order
    8.59 Standard Shipment
    8.60 Reserve
    8.61 Pick
    8.62 Ship
    8.63 Invoice
    8.64 Drop Ship
    8.65 Schedule
    8.66 Create PO
    8.67 Invoice
    8.68 Back to Back
    8.69 Schedule
    8.70 Create PO / WO
    8.71 Pick
    8.72 Ship
    8.73 Invoice
    8.74 Return Order
    8.75 Credit Only
    8.76 Receive Only
    8.77 Receive and Credit Both
    Module 9 : Order Management Cloud Implementation
    9.1 Order Management Basics
    9.2 Upstream and Fulfillment Source Systems
    9.3 Collect Order Reference Data
    9.4 Manage Order Profiles
    9.5 OM parameters
    9.6 Important Lookups
    9.7 Setup Order Extensible Flexfields
    9.8 Setup Holds
    9.9 Processing Constraints
    9.10 Setup Drop Ship Financial Flows
    9.11 Order Orchestration Process
    9.12 Define Orchestration Process
    9.13 Create Orchestration Process Assignment Rules
    9.14 Order Transformation Rules
    9.15 Pre Transformation Rules
    9.16 Product Transformation Rules
    9.17 Post Transformation Rules
    9.18 Order Approvals
    9.19 Configure Order Approval Rules
    9.20 Pricing
    9.21 Setting up Price Lists
    9.22 Customer Pricing Profiles
    9.23 Setup Pricing Segments
    9.24 Create Pricing Strategies
    9.25 Configure Pricing Strategy Assignments
    9.26 Create Shipping Charge List
    9.27 Service Mappings and Algorithms
    9.28 Shipping
    9.29 Shipping Document Sequence Categories
    9.30 Shipping Document Sequences
    9.31 Pick Release Sequence Rules
    9.32 Ship Confirm Rules
    9.33 Define Shipping Parameters
    9.34 Create Pick Wave Release Rules
    9.35 Approvals
    9.36 Approval Groups for Procurement
    9.37 Implementation of Requisition Approvals
    9.38 Implementation of Purchasing Document Approvals
    9.39 Global Order Promising (GOP)
    9.40 GOP Setup: ATP and sourcing rule
    9.41 Refresh GOP Server
    9.42 Order Management Transactions
    9.43 Navigation, Key Terminologies and Order Entry
    9.44 Approve Orders
    9.45 Apply and Release Holds
    9.46 Fulfilling Order
    9.47 Standard Shipment
    9.48 Reserve
    9.49 Pick
    9.50 Ship
    9.51 Invoice
    9.52 Drop Ship
    9.53 Schedule
    9.54 Create PO
    9.55 Invoice
    9.56 Back to Back
    9.57 Schedule
    9.58 Create PO / WO
    9.59 Pick
    9.60 Ship
    9.61 Invoice
    9.62 Return Order
    9.63 Credit Only
    9.64 Receive Only
    9.65 Receive and Credit Both

    Q : When does the workshop start and what are the timings?
    A : You can get all the details related to the timings and dates of the workshop at the top of the page, by clicking View Schedule

    Q : Will this be live or pre-recorded?
    A : It's going to be a completely live interactive session with options to clarify any doubts or questions that you may have , However just to support your continued learning , we also grant access to the recorded video lectures in our LMS portal.

    Q : What experience with Project Management do I need to have?
    A :An open mind with a learning attitude is good enough. Depending on your level of formal education, the course requires a set number of hours of experience.

    Q : I made the payment but didn't receive any confirmation email.
    A : Write to and our awesome support team will solve your queries in the fastest time possible.

    Q : Since the workshop is live, will you be sharing recordings?
    A : Yes , we will be sharing recordings. Since it's a live workshop, it's expected that each participant will attend the workshop live. Also, recordings of a live session are just boring.

    Q : Can I get a refund?
    A : No. We don't provide refunds in any case. If you are not sure about the workshop, check out the testimonials, read more about the trainer and take an informed decision. In case you miss out on attending the live workshop, we can move you to the next batch only ONCE. 

    Q : When can I receive the bonuses?
    A : After the workshop is done, you will receive all the bonuses within 48 hours.

    Q : Will I get a certificate after completion?
    A : Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion if you finish the entire workshop , This certificate carries the PMI logo and it is pre-approved by PMI for applying your PMP Exam.

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    Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management Training

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