Customer Service Training Essentials

QAR 99

       Most businesses today have competition. Customers are spoiled for choice and can pick and choose based on a number of factors. The answer is customer service. And this Customer Service Collection is made up of 10 foundational courses to get your teams thinking about what customer service is, why it’s so important, and how you can provide better and more consistent service across your company. Ideal for anyone who is starting a career in a customer-facing role and needs to quickly build essential knowledge.

Courses in Collection

    Maintaining Customer Service Across Channels

    The Importance of Brand

    Customer Relationships

    Customer Loyality

    Effective Problem Solving

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    Module 1 : Maintaining Customer Service Across Channels
            Customer service and customer experience are two very different parts of the same puzzle. Understanding how the two terms interlink will have a huge impact on your ability to improve your relationship with clients and customers. This course clarifies the difference between customer service and customer experience once and for all.
    Topic's covered :
            People’s expectations of a good customer experience
            The differences between Customer Service and Customer Experience
            What multiple channels are, and how service should flow between them
            How to maintain context across channels
            Finding the balance between online and human interaction

    Module 2 : The Importance of Brand
           Know your brand. Would it surprise you to learn that knowing your brand is one of the best ways to provide top-notch customer service? A brand isn’t only a logo, a quirky name, and a social media presence – it’s also the knowledge and passion every team member displays when dealing with customers. Many businesses forget to tell their employees what their vision and values are, and how these flow into the brand. This course is designed to help you ensure you and your staff know exactly why representing your brand when interacting with customers is so important.
    Topic's covered :
            The meaning of a ‘brand’
            How branding affects the consumer
            Why it’s important to breathe your brand
            How lack of brand knowledge creates a bad customer experience
            How to train teams on your brand

    Module 3 : Customer Relationships
           When you’re trying to solve a customer’s problem or make a sale, it can be a challenge not to focus on your own agenda. But handling a situation incorrectly or in a pushy manner will not inspire customers to brag about your service, or keep them coming back. To build good customer relationships you need to build trust. Building trust requires you to focus solely on the needs and feelings of your customers. This is what ultimately leads to better business success. That’s what this course is all about.
    Topic's covered :
            Reading a situation
            Reading your customer’s body language
            Beginning a conversation confidently
            Understanding communication etiquette – what can and cannot be said
            Ending a conversation
            Dealing with difficult situations
            Following up with a customer

    Module 4 : Customer Loyalty
            Keeping customers loyal? That’s a whole other story. If customers are the glue that holds a business together, then customer retention is integral to keep a company growing and successful. And to maintain your business empire you need to learn how to build trust and create loyal connections. This course will show you how to do that.
    Topic's covered :
            The importance of customer retention (for new and existing customers)
            How to create and maintain loyalty
            The effectiveness of word of mouths
            How to build brand ambassadors

    Module 5 : Effective Problem Solving
           A difficult issue or unreasonable request comes up during the last 5 minutes before the end of your shift. But customer service is about helping customers, not giving them false hope. It’s about identifying the real problem and coming up with a suitable solution. Not just telling customers what you think they want to hear. These 6 mini-lessons will teach you how to address problem points, read between the lines, and propose meaningful solutions to keep customers satisfied, even when there is no easy solution.
    Topic's covered :
            Understanding the customer’s point of view
            How to communicate effectively
            How to manage the customer’s expectations
            Finding the balance between company policy and satisfying the customer
            How to find solutions and follow-up on inquiries

    Module 6 : Handling Complaints Gracefully
            It’s a well-known fact that everyone loves to give advice, but nobody likes to take it. But, unhappy employees or disgruntled customers are an expected part of any business. So, it’s essential to learn how to handle complaints gracefully. Ignoring a customer’s needs or not dealing with an issue can leave a customer just as unsatisfied as if you were rude and patronizing.
    Topic's covered :
            What a complaint is and why you should listen
            How to react to a complaint appropriately
            How to assume positive intent
            The difference between an apology and sincerity
            How to resolve problems effectively
            The value of compensationy
            How to use complaints to the company’s advantage

    Module 7 : Cross-Selling and Upselling
            Both upselling and cross-selling are brilliant ways of making extra sales and increasing profit. But if you look like a ‘wheeling and dealing’ con artist, it can at best come off as desperate and off-putting. At worst, it will look like you’re taking advantage of your customers. This course will show you how to recognize opportunities and choose appropriate methods of cross-selling or upselling in a way that keeps both the business and the customer happy.
    Topic's covered :
            The importance of knowing your product
            Different methods of upselling or cross-selling
            When to know if it’s the right time to upsell or cross-sell
            How to choose the appropriate method (upselling or cross-selling) for different channels
            How to use appropriate pricing systems
            Why it’s important to focus on customer service rather than sales

    Module 8 : Managing Customer Expectations
            The most successful companies know how to manage expectations in the best way possible. Others decide to be vague with dates to avoid false hope. But that brings disorganization. And with disorganization come disgruntled customers and a tarnished name. This course will teach you how to manage expectations to ensure a seamless and satisfying customer experience.
    Topic's covered :
            How to set achievable goals
            How to offer promises about deliverables
            How to align customer and business goals

    Module 9 : Technology
            We all know technology is great , but you’d be surprised how often technology is used incorrectly. Instead of helping, it makes jobs harder for staff and drives customers away from businesses. When technology is used well, though, it can work wonders for a company, adding excitement, reducing workload and improving communication with customers.
    Topic's covered :
            Identify the differences between tangible technology and intangible technology
            Understand connected personalization
            Know what technology will make your customers’ lives easier
            Put the customer ahead of data (GDPR)
            Outsource technology

    Module 10 : Going Beyond Customer Service
            If companies are practicing great customer service, then yes, they could have tried cross-selling or upselling or used a range of other techniques to make you feel really special. Now imagine If everyone started offering this same type of excellent customer service. To stand out you’d need to go beyond the same same. This course will show you how.
    Topic's covered :
            The life cycle of customer service
            How to use ‘out of the box’ thinking specific to your brand
            How to personalize without annoying your customers
            Top tips from business CEOs on how to go above and beyond
            What’s ‘High touch’ customer service

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    Customer Service Training Essentials

    QAR 99