Digital Transformation Essentials

QAR 99

       Digital transformation is the process of adopting digital technology and transforming the business’s services and processes. But to be able to do that, all your staff need to know how digital transformation is different from change, and how a digital transformation strategy works.

       In this collection of courses your teams will learn what digital transformation is, how it’s different from change, and they will dive into the 4 types of digital transformation. They will get familiar with the concept of digital transformation strategies, and learn how to lead a digital transformation.

Each training course in this collection takes 15 minutes or less to complete, allowing your teams to fit the training into their schedule more conveniently.

Courses in Collection

    What is Digital Transformation?

    Why do you Need a Digital Culture?

    The Four Types of Digital Transformation

    Digital Disruption

    The Design Thinking Mindset

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    Module 1 : What is Digital Transformation?
           Digital transformation means updating and adapting your business practices to keep up with new technologies. This increases efficiency because you won’t be relying on those slower, outdated methods. Businesses must adapt to survive, and that starts with digital transformation. This course will show you where to start.
    Topic's covered :
            How digital transformation works
            The benefits of digital transformation
            The 4 types of digital transformation

    Module 2 : Why do you Need a Digital Culture?
            Starting a new job can be a challenge. New employees have to meet a bunch of people, all the while trying to shake those new job nerves. It’s even more intimidating if they have to use technologies they’ve never come across before. Digital culture is the understanding that our daily lives are hugely shaped by technology. It changes the way we think and interact – even the way we work. Understanding and using new tech correctly can also upgrade your employees’ personal skills. This course will show everyone how.
    Topic's covered :
            The personal benefits of a digital culture
            How to support a digital culture in your workplace
            The technology required for creating a digital culture

    Module 3 : The technology required for creating a digital culture
           Digital transformation is the integration of new technologies within an organization. How it looks in practice will vary from business to business. There are 4 types: business process, business model, domain, and cultural. Knowing which type relates to your workplace will help you to understand how the process of digital transformation is likely to impact you at work. This course will help all employees understand digital transformation, but it’s especially useful to managers and team leaders that are in charge of digital transformation in your business.
    Topic's covered :
            The 4 types of digital transformation
            The benefits of the 4 types of digital transformation the workplace
            The challenges of digital transformation

    Module 4 : Digital Disruption
           Digital disruption. It’s one of those buzzwords that gets thrown around so often it starts to lose meaning. If a technology significantly alters the way you operate, it’s considered “disruptive.” And with technology improving all the time, businesses that disrupt are the ones that stay on top. This kind of change can affect employees at any level by automating or simplifying some of their responsibilities. So it helps to know how everyone might need to adapt in their role.
    Topic's covered :
           Why digital disruption is a positive step
           The challenges associated with digital disruption
           How to apply digital disruption techniques at every level

    Module 5 : The Design Thinking Mindset
            As humans, we’re naturally resistant to change. You love the cereal you buy every week, so why try anything new? The same attitude is often applied to our work, especially when everything seems to be running great. That’s where “design thinking” comes in. It’s not just a process, but a mindset that can help everyone identify workplace problems and then create and test solutions to them. Incorporating design thinking into current work methods and culture can sometimes be tricky, but this course will show everyone how.
    Topic's covered :
           The key steps of design thinking
           The potential barriers to using design thinking in the workplace
           How to successfully apply design thinking in the workplace

    Module 6 : What is a Digital Transformation Strategy?
           From buying online with a single click to telling your smart speaker to play your favorite cheesy love song, technology is super useful. Thankfully, a tailored Digital Transformation Strategy can help an organization and the individuals who work within it keep or gain a competitive edge in their field. It can help a business strategically position itself within an ever-changing digital landscape, allowing it to change, improve, and avoid costly and time-consuming pitfalls.
    Topic's covered :
           What Digital Transformation Strategy is
           The components of a successful Digital Transformation Strategy
           Potential issues around launching a Digital Transformation Strategy

    Module 7 : The Power of Data Visualization
           We live in a digital age, where everything can be optimized to make it more efficient. And data plays a huge role in that. But the fact there’s so much data means digital optimization just isn’t enough. That’s where digital transformation comes in. And a vital part of successful digital transformation is data visualization. Data visualization presents information and data in an attention-grabbing, accessible visual form. Converting complicated data sets into striking but comprehensible graphs, charts, and diagrams, allows you to understand data better and use it to make informed decisions more easily.
    Topic's covered :
           How data visualization enables digital transformation
           The benefits of data visualization in digital transformation
           How to create data visualizations to aid digital transformation

    Module 8 : The Impact of Training on Digital Change
           Some people enjoy and embrace technology better than others. Switching to a system you’ve never used can be nerve-wracking, after all. It’s important to recognize the impact good training can have on an organization that is making changes to its use of technology. New training, with levels to suit all employees’ current digital knowledge and needs, and using the right methods and content when introducing change can help a business and its staff enjoy a successful transitional period.
    Topic's covered :
           What digital change is
           Training tips for successful digital change
           The value of ongoing and adaptable training for digital change

    Module 9 : Leading a Digital Transformation
           Anyone in an organization might become involved in encouraging or leading a digital transformation. To do this successfully, your teams need to communicate clearly and frequently with each other. They may need to encourage others to build their digital skills and use new tools, as well. The whole culture of your organization may need to change. Thankfully, this course can help.
    Topic's covered :
           How to communicate digital transformation
           How to build digital capabilities
           How to help your workplace culture embrace change

    Module 10 : Is Digital Transformation just Change?
           If it’s done right, digital transformation isn’t just about making a few changes in the organization or updating your employees’ social media skills. It can be profound, forever evolving, and it can totally change the way everyone works. If your teams understand the difference between change and digital transformation, they can help make the transformation a success rather than watching it fail.
    Topic's covered :
           How to distinguish between change and digital transformation
           The downsides of confusing change with transformation
           The benefits of pursuing transformation rather than just change

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    Digital Transformation Essentials

    QAR 99