Employee Teamwork Training Essentials

QAR 99

       To complete any work-related goal, we all have to work in teams. And that’s what these teamwork training courses are all about.

This teamwork training program covers the essential skills we all need for successfully working together. From setting common goals to communicating openly and building trust and respect, this essential collection will get all your teams thinking in new ways about teamwork and team-building training.

Courses in Collection

    The Power of Teamworking

    Setting Common Goals


    Celebrating Difference & Diversity

    Building Trust & Respect

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    Module 1 : The Power of Teamworking
            While teamwork may not be everyone’s favorite way to get things done, there are many tasks and projects that simply cannot be completed by a single person , teamwork is a necessity in the workplace. Successful teams build better businesses and are highly valued by employers. When you don’t embrace teamwork, you’re instantly reducing your worth to an organization. The great news is, you can work on your soft skills to become better at teamwork.
    Topic's covered :
            The benefits of teamwork
            How to overcome the barriers to teamwork
            Which essential skills help improve teamwork

    Module 2 : Setting Common Goals
            If you work in a team, it’s likely you’ve felt frustrated at times when everyone seems to be pulling in different directions. This is probably because your team doesn’t have a common goal. To be a successful team, common goals are crucial. They help employees stay focused, keep tasks on track, and aid in organizing valuable resources. Without common goals, teams will just become a group of individuals with their own aims.
    Topic's covered :
            What common goals are
            The benefits of setting common goals
            How to define and set common goals
            How to communicate goals effectively
            How to differentiate between short- and long-term goals

    Module 3 : Collaborationa
            Just like in sports, working with others in your job makes you far more effective than when you work alone. usually, better ideas come about when multiple people put their heads together.Collaboration is key to improving output, quality, and effectiveness. Each person brings something unique to the table and contributes to achieving the best possible result.
    Topic's covered :
            What collaboration is
            The benefits of collaborative working
            How to overcome barriers to collaborative working
            How to use technology to work collaboratively

    Module 4 : Celebrating Difference & Diversity
            At school, you’re expected to be good at everything – But in the real world, we don’t have to be great at everything, because there are other people who fill in those gaps. A team that is filled with differing genders, interests, cultures, and abilities has a selection of ideas to consider and more perspectives to help. And the more diverse your workforce, the more tasks will be completed with ease.
    Topic's covered :
            What it means to be diverse
            How a varied workforce helps business
            How to celebrate culture and differences
            How to create an inclusive workplace

    Module 5 : Building Trust & Respect
            We’ve all taken part in those team-building exercises. In reality, they often end up being awkward and embarrassing. But they are aimed at building very important qualities within a team. Trust and respect are essential within teams. Without them, teams just won’t work. Trust and respect go hand in hand. After all, you can’t really trust someone you don’t respect, right?
    Topic's covered :
            Why trust and respect are important
            The benefits of building trust and respect
            How to build trust and respect within your team

    Module 6 : Roles & Responsibilities
            Each of these roles had specific responsibilities, whether in front of the camera or behind it. A successful workplace should work in the same way. Unfortunately, employee roles and responsibilities are often vague and ambiguous, leading to workplace stress and poor productivity.
    Topic's covered :
            The importance of identifying roles and responsibilities
            How unclear definitions negatively impact organizations

    Module 7 : Communicating Openly
            The brilliant upside is that it allows us to share. This includes our opinions, fascinating articles about, say, the dangers of procrastination. Sharing is especially important in the workplace.Work-related sharing is always a good thing because it allows everyone, from employees to managers, to feel like they’re valued and trusted members of a company.
    Topic's covered :
            What communicating openly means
            The benefits of open communication to your organization
            How to encourage an open communication culture in your workplace

    Module 8 : Encouraging Different Opinions
            Whatever you think of the Beatles, their historic impact on music cannot be disputed. This is because differences of opinion, whether creative or otherwise, are vital for growth and development. Welcoming diverse thoughts at work can equally lead to more fruitful ideas and efficient, productive teamwork.
    Topic's covered :
            The risks of conformity bias
            How dissent can lead to innovation
            How to create a psychologically safe workplace

    Module 9 : Dealing with Difficult Personalities
            Dealing with pleasant, positive people is easy. But everyone goes through a period in their life when they aren’t at their best or are ‘difficult’, at least from someone else’s point of view. Whether it’s a ‘one-off’ or a permanently difficult personality you’re dealing with, being able to maintain a relationship with them in the workplace is vital for achieving goals successfully.
    Topic's covered :
            How to be assertive with someone difficult
            How to keep a clear narrative and communicate successfully
            How to deal with difficult people
            How to defuse difficult encounters
            Different types of difficult people

    Module 10 : Celebrating Success
            For most of us, the thought of never celebrating anything is a pretty bleak one. Achievements and milestones in the workplace can be big or small. But if they are routinely getting overlooked and ignored, it can feel like…like it’s your birthday and everyone’s forgotten.
    Topic's covered :
            Why recognizing achievements is important
            When and how to celebrate successes
            Create a culture of appreciation

    Module 11 : What is a Millennial (including values)
            Millennials are passionate, driven, tech-savvy, conscious about their role in society and many want to make their mark on the world, starting with the workplace. When different generations work together, we’ve all got to get along.Now is the time to put aside the stereotypes, learn more about each other, and become the strongest team we can be.
    Topic's covered :
            What is a millennial
            What are positive attributes of millennials
            How to demonstrate the benefits of working with millennials

    Module 12 : Communicating with a Millennial
            Forget everything you might have heard about “millennials”. Traditional communication, such as meeting in person and talking over the phone are gradually being replaced or supplemented with tech-based solutions.This course helps you find the best ways to communicate comfortably for everyone’s benefit.
    Topic's covered :
            What are some ways to communicate more effectively
            How to demonstrate that you understand millennials’ values
            How to recognize the benefits of good communication

    Module 13 : Millennials and Technology
            More than any others, millennials have adapted to the tech boom and reap the benefits, now and in the future. Being immersed in tech, millennials may also potentially encounter problems with interpersonal skills. We’re going to explore these issues and find out what to do about them.
    Topic's covered :
            What issues may arise from overreliance on tech
            How different generations can learn from millennials to adapt to tech change
            What are the positives of new technology

    Module 14 : Training Millennials
            Training shouldn’t be boring. And for the “digital generation” who are taking over the workplace, millennials, old techniques simply won’t cut it. They want learning materials that are delivered to cater to their visual, auditory, and even kinesthetic needs. This course explores the best ways for you to make your training more effective.
    Topic's covered :
            How millennials learn
            What are some techniques to engage millennials
            How to identify the benefits of modern training methods

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    Employee Teamwork Training Essentials

    QAR 99