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        The greatest business success comes down to the entrepreneurial mindset. Entrepreneurship is the power that fires up your business engine. So, if you want your venture to succeed, you need to know how to get into the entrepreneurial mindset.

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   The Five Ps: Patience, Purpoes, People & Profits
    The Entrepreneurial Mindset
    Being Curious
    The Power of Imagination
    Being Self-Aware and much more...

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    Module 1 :The Five Ps: Patience, Purpoes, People & Profits

           The age of discovery is upon us! The world’s advancing so fast that it can be hard to keep up. Things that once seemed unimaginable are now completely possible, and the buzzword in every business is “solutions.” So, it’s a great time to pull out your inner entrepreneur! The flip side to advancement is growing competition. So, to succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to stand out above the rest. A large part of that is down to your approach. And to master a winning approach, at the heart of your mindset you need “The Five Ps”: Persistence, Patience, Purpose, People, and Profits.
    Topic's covered :
            How to define and apply the meaning of the Five Ps in entrepreneurship
            What the importance of the Five Ps in entrepreneurship is
            How to use techniques to improve your Five-P skills
           How to identify your strengths and weaknesses
           Good decision-making based on being self-aware
    Module 2 : The Entrepreneurial Mindset

           An entrepreneurial mindset is a set of skills that lets people identify and maximize opportunities, overcoming and learning from setbacks, in order to succeed. And while it’s often thought that “people are just born with it,” getting into this way of thinking is actually something you can train your brain to do.
    Topic's covered :
            What the traits of an entrepreneurial mindset are
            What the importance of having the right mindset is
            How to improve and expand your entrepreneurial mindset
            How to encourage teams to think creatively

    Module 3 :Being Curious

           Curiosity is the thirst for knowledge. The desire to learn and understand new things, and to ask questions to figure out the “how” and, crucially, the “why.” It helps you expand your mind, challenge ideas, and find fresh thinking. It allows you to problem-solve more effectively and discover what might be possible, instead of just what’s feasible. And it’s an essential tool in your entrepreneur’s tool kit.
    Topic's covered :
            Why being curious in entrepreneurship is important
            How to use questioning to expand understanding and creativity
            How to improve your curiosity
    Module 4 :The Power of Imagination

           Remember being a kid? Anything was possible. Ball stuck on the roof? No problem, you’d just fly up there like a superhero. But as adults, imagination gets replaced with common experiences. And drawing on those experiences, instead of using your imagination to problem-solve, becomes a barrier to progress and problem-solving. Because they have no hindering adult experiences, children think without boundaries.
    Topic's covered :
            Why imagination in business is important
            How imagination aids problem-solving in any business
            How to develop your imagination skills
    Module 5 :Being Self- Aware

           Being self-aware means having the ability to see yourself clearly and objectively through reflection and usually some soul-searching. It might seem like a pretty abstract concept, but it helps keep things in perspective. Being able to reflect on yourself and your interactions with others will not only improve your own mental well-being, but also your vision and success in business.
    Topic's covered :
            How to exercise self-awareness
            Why self-awareness is important in business
            How to master your own self-awareness
    Module 6:Building Relationships and Networking

           Fantastic working relationships have led to some great and extremely profitable products. Think Disney working with Pixar, GoPro teaming up with Red Bull, and the ultimate pairing of Taco Bell and Doritos! But your business doesn’t need to be a household name to build an effective relationship. When businesses work together successfully, they can achieve great things.
    Topic's covered :
           What some effective networking techniques are
           How to create great working relationships
           How to create a plan to maintain and grow business relationships
    Module 7: The Power of Influence

           Influential people hold a lot of power, and can change the behaviors of others with just a suggestion. When a popular business or public figure advertises a certain product, you can almost guarantee that product will see a surge in orders. Using influential celebrities and leaders in advertising campaigns isn’t a new idea, it was common as far back as the Roman Empire, so it’s useful to learn how to harness that power of influence in your field of business.
           Why influence in business is important
           What some positive methods for increasing influence are
           How to leverage your influence to create change
    Module 8: Taking Calculated Risks

           Every business needs to take some risks. If it doesn’t, it’ll never grow or learn anything. But the chances you take in your day-to-day life are much more familiar to you, so you know what the outcomes could be and how likely they are. Not knowing the details of risks can make you afraid, and that fear can restrict your business’s potential. This course is designed to show you how to measure the likelihood and impact of potential risks.
           What some methods of measuring risk are
           How to analyze the likelihood and impact of risk
           How to compare measured risks to measured opportunities
           Why thorough research is important
    Module 9:Being Prepared to Fail

           When birds learn to fly, they jump out of the nest knowing that they could fly or fall. But they never know which one it will be, until they take that leap of faith. This same uncertainty applies to testing out new business ideas in the real world. You will never really know if it’s going to succeed or fail – but planning for both outcomes will leave you feeling much more prepared to try.
           How to create an action plan to combat the early stages of failure
           How to manage your expectations of success
           How to deal with the emotional impact of failure
    Module 10: Turning Ideas into Action

            Everyone’s had that lightbulb moment. When you think of an idea so brilliant that it could just change your life. You can almost hear the “ding!” as it appears over your head. Some ideas could give rise to huge companies with a presence around the world. Or they could turn out to be flops in an oversaturated market. Either way, you’ll never know until you take those ideas seriously and create an action plan to bring them to life.
           How to analyze your ideas effectively
           How to create a plan to turn ideas into actions
           How to monitor the outcomes of ideas

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