Marketing Training Basics

QAR 99

       The fundamentals of marketing suggest that you might have the best product or service in the world, but if no one knows it exists, you’ll never make any money out of it. That’s where marketing training comes in. Marketing is no longer as simple as putting up a billboard or buying ads in the phone book. Times have changed, which means that the definition of “marketing essentials” is not as simple as it used to be and your strategy needs to keep up. This collection of marketing courses will help you and your team navigate the digital marketing playing field. If you’re involved with creating or promoting content, developing partnerships, or are running the whole show in the marketing department, this online marketing training program is for you.

Courses in Collection

    Your Shop Window - Your Website

    Do Your Research (Brand & Product)

    Know Your Customers

    The Power of Social Media

    Curating the Right Content

and More ...

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    Module 1 : Your Shop Window, Your Website
           In the ‘old’ days Whether for essentials at the grocery store or just to browse the main street, we had to get up and physically look for products. Now we live in a virtual world, and our ‘window shopping’ is done online. This means that to make a good first impression, your window display should be virtual too! This course will show you how and why setting up shop online is essential to preserving and growing a business.
    Topic's covered :
            Why having a great website is important
            How to make your website stand out
            How to use your website as a marketing tool to grow your business

    Module 2 : Do Your Research
           Market research helps establish a connection to customers, which can provide invaluable information. It helps you understand what customers do and don’t like, which, in turn, helps you make better-informed business decisions. Thankfully, you don’t need to stand on the street with a clipboard to get customer feedback. By conducting market research online, you can drive business growth and get ahead of the competition.
    Topic's covered :
            What market research is
            Why brand research is important
            How to conduct effective market research

    Module 3 : Know Your Customers
           In business, not knowing your customers can make your life as scary as any horror movie. If you don’t know enough about them, especially what they want, it can have a drastically negative effect on your sales. Investing time in getting to know your customers is a crucial part of running a successful business.
    Topic's covered :
            What it means to “know your customers”
            How you can get to know them
            How to use customer knowledge techniques to boost sales

    Module 4 : The Power of Social Media
            Social media has become a huge part of our daily lives, with millions of people online at any given moment. This makes it a powerful marketing tool for every business. Establishing and building a strong social media presence may seem challenging, and it does take time. Learn how to leverage the power of social media to get your brand and products in front of millions of potential customers.
    Topic's covered :
            Why social media is important to business
            How to use social media as a marketing tools
            How to create good content to get your business trending

    Module 5 : Curating the Right Content
           Maintaining an active social media presence is important for your business, but it’s also time consuming.But don’t worry, there is a more efficient way to maintain your social media channels. The process of sharing other people’s content, rather than creating your own, is called curating content. In business, using curated content can be a brilliant marketing tool, but there’s a method for getting it right. Correctly curating content will help eliminate the stress of always having to create original content while still keeping your audience engaged with your brand.
    Topic's covered :
            What it means to “curate the right content”
            The benefits of sharing other people’s content
            How to select strong content to boost your business

    Module 6 : The Role of Partnerships
           It may seem like businesses are stand-alone entities that are always competing with one another for customers. There’s another product or service out there that compliments what you’re selling, and establishing a partnership with that business could bring a lot of added value to you.Creating a partnership in business can be a great launching point for your marketing strategy. Establishing the right kind of business connection with the perfect partner could be the key to unlocking a whole new customer base and incentivizing your regular clients.
    Topic's covered :
            The different partnership models
            How partnership marketing could benefit your business
            How to choose the right partnership for your business

    Module 7 : Brand Ambassadors
            A strong brand relies on many factors to promote its values and ideas. These “brand ambassadors” play a crucial role in helping enterprises increase the size of their target audience. In the social media age, EVERY customer can become a brand ambassador, regardless of their level of fame. And no matter how big or small the company, having people promoting your products will certainly help your business.
    Topic's covered :
            Why brand ambassadors are important in today’s world
            The role of brand ambassadors in marketing
            How to choose the correct ambassador for your brand
            How to establish a brand ambassador program

    Module 8 : The Power of Networking
            Building connections is important in every business and in every department of a company. Knowing how to form and grow these connections is a crucial part of helping your business succeed. That’s where networking comes in. Have a plan for starting a conversation. Even if meeting strangers may not be your favorite thing to do, this course will help make the process feel easier and more natural.
    Topic's covered :
            Why “who you know, not what you know” is true in networking
            How to build strong connections
            How to find networking opportunities that will benefit your business

    Module 9 : Show, Don’t Tell
            Modern advertising has made it much easier to effectively market products by showing their benefits to prospects, rather than simply telling them. Using this approach can improve your sales and boost your company’s reputation. Customers are now able to compare multiple products right from their phones and computers.But if you manage to determine the best way to show these results and the most suitable platform for sharing your product’s benefits, you can increase your sales and growth dramatically.
    Topic's covered :
            Why the simple “hard sell” no longer works
            How powerful images can say more than words
            How to create effective content to convert sales

    Module 10 : Introduction to Marketing Automation
            Multiple mandatory meetings, and constant interruptions, completing tasks becomes a challenge. Particularly in marketing, where responsibilities vary widely, from writing original content to maintaining social media and gathering and analyzing data — and much more. And there is. It’s called marketing automation.By determining you can cut down on all the individual things on your to-do list. Investing time upfront to establish automations will save you even more time in the future.
    Topic's covered :
            What marketing automation is
            How it can streamline marketing and make it more effective
            How to implement MA into your current strategy
            The “dos and don’ts” of marketing automation

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    Marketing Training Basics

    QAR 99