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       In this fast-paced business world, it’s important to remember that your team members need to be calm and focused.
The best way to help your employees achieve that, is through mindfulness. This collection of courses will train your teams on mindfulness. Your employees will learn Breathing Techniques to help them relax, and understand more about Letting Go. They’ll also learn helpful concepts such as how to Stay Calm and Live in the Moment, How to Deal with Grief, and more.

       The courses are designed to last 10 minutes or less, so your employees can have valuable mini lessons that cover their needs in a short amount of time.

Courses in Collection


    Relaxation through Meditation

    Learning to Let Go

    Breathing Techniques to Relax

    Learning to stay calm

and More ...

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    Module 1 : Mindfulness
           Being mindful is about focusing on what’s happening at that moment in time, which includes what you’re doing, where you are, and how you’re feeling. Once your teams understand the goal behind mindfulness, which is to be alert and focused on thoughts and sensations without judgment, they’ll realize it’s actually something they can learn to adopt in everyday life. This course looks at mindfulness techniques and will help your teams incorporate more awareness and balance into their life.
    Topic's covered :
            The principles of mindfulness
            How mindfulness can improve negative thinking and automatic reactions
            The role of meditation in mindfulness

    Module 2 : Relaxation through Meditation
           Relaxation doesn’t come easily to all of us. It can be hard to simply switch off, and stop thinking about things we’re worried about.But there are techniques we can use to help, and they can be easy to master with a bit of practice. Stressful thoughts and situations trigger a release of hormones that make our hearts beat faster and our muscles tense. Meditation can counter this and bring a sense of calm. This course will help everyone discover some of the ways they can control the physical and mental stresses in their life and find a more balanced frame of mind.
    Topic's covered :
            How meditation can benefit the body and mind
            The basic principles of meditation
            Different meditation methods

    Module 3 : Learning to Let Go
           Maybe you missed out on a job you really wanted because you made an error on the application. Mistakes happen! But clinging to things you have no control over can leave you well and truly stuck in the past. And this can make you upset, stressed, and withdrawn. Letting go of something doesn’t mean getting rid of it altogether. This course will look at what letting go actually means, and how everyone’s life can improve if they learn to let go of things that are already out of their control.
    Topic's covered :
            What “letting go” means
            The negative consequences of holding on to things you can’t control
            The challenges in “letting go”
            Processes that will help you to let go of negative thoughts

    Module 4 : Breathing Techniques to Relax
           You don’t normally have to think about breathing, right? Consider how you breathe when you’re completely relaxed, like when you wake up or just before you fall asleep. The use of breathing techniques as a way to reduce stress and relax has been practiced for thousands of years. Not only is it free and can be done anywhere, it’s also easy to learn. This course will look at some different exercises and allow everyone to choose the ones that work best for them.
    Topic's covered :
            How breathing techniques can aid relaxation
            The mind-body connection, when it comes to breathing
            How to use popular breathing exercises to relax

    Module 5 : Learning to Stay Calm
           Modern life can be quite difficult. It can be extremely busy, chaotic, and sometimes intense. Whether we’re putting in the overtime at work, dealing with family issues, or studying hard for exams, we face stressful situations daily. Staying calm even when there’s chaos around you is the healthiest way to react.It’s important to keep calm when things get too much. Staying calm allows everyone to think logically and make clear decisions. There are steps everyone can take to help make even the most difficult moments easier. This course will show everyone how to keep a level head and stop stress from taking over.
    Topic's covered :
            Common challenges to staying calm
            The benefits of staying calm
            Techniques to help you stay calm and centered

    Module 6 : Living in the Moment
           Living in the moment means trying not to worry about the past,It is about focusing on today and enjoying the present, paying attention to the smaller things in life. It’s simply not possible to control everything that happens to us But we can control how we think about things and the judgments we make. And this is the key to mindfulness and healthier mental well-being.
    Topic's covered :
            How living in the moment can reduce stress and boost self-confidence
            Different techniques that help people enjoy the present
            How to adopt ways to be as mindful as possible in day-to-day life

    Module 7 : Raising Low Self-Esteem
           It’s that soul-crushing feeling of self-doubt, which can give your confidence a beating. That’s low self-esteem. It affects a huge 85% of people in different ways, leading to feelings of sadness, anger, stress, and shame, among other negatives. But, with a little help, there are ways everyone can raise their self-esteem again, improving their quality of life and breaking through it to become someone who believes in themselves again. This course will show you how.
    Topic's covered :
            What low self-esteem is and what its potential causes are
            The signs of low self-esteem
            Techniques to raise your self-esteem

    Module 8 : Dealing with Grief
           Grief is a complex and painful experience that can impact every area of your life and well-being. Knowing that painful feelings are a natural part of grieving will help you understand your experience. This course is designed to help everyone understand grief and deal with it in a healthy way.
    Topic's covered :
            The different feelings grief can cause
            The 5 stages of grief
            How to implement different support techniques as you grieve

    Module 9 : Stress, Fear, and Panic
           Stress, fear, and panic are normal human feelings that we all experience at certain times in our lives. But sometimes these feelings can occur too regularly, affecting people’s ability to eat, sleep, concentrate, travel, and enjoy everyday experiences. The good news is there are things we can do to break the cycle. Managing these feelings can improve our mental and physical health, reduce stress, and allow us to be the person we really are. This course will help everyone explore some of the ways they can do just that.
    Topic's covered :
            Signs that stress, fear, or panic might be taking over
            The physical effect that these feelings can have on someone
            Ways to manage these feelings and improve mental well-being

    Module 10 : Feeling Lonely
           Isolation can sometimes be a good thing. It can help people reflect and relax. But more often than not, especially after long periods of time, being alone can have a negative effect on our mental health. People can suffer from loneliness for a variety of reasons.The effects of loneliness can be felt by people in a relationship or spending time with their family. Even planning a big event, such as a wedding, can cause a person to feel lonely. But thankfully, there are ways to deal with these feelings.
    Topic's covered :
            The signs and causes of loneliness
            The negative effects of loneliness
            Steps that will help fight the feeling of loneliness

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