Presentation Skills

QAR 99

       Presentations are a very important part of the business world. Whether internal, aiming to make a point to shareholders or co-workers, or a sales presentation for prospects, this is a very common part of everyday work life. But it still causes many people to feel stressed and worried about pulling it off. The good news is that there are steps everyone can take to create a successful and memorable presentation.

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   Presentations and the Magic of Stories
     What Makes a Good Presentation?
    Presenting with Power: Hints and Tips
    Structuring your Presentations
    Setting up for Successful Presentations and much more...

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    Module 1 :Presentations and the Magic of Stories

           Captivating the audience in a presentation using stories is a magic trick we can all learn. By being aware of how they present information and creating stories that weave that information together, your teams can better represent themselves, your brand, or your organization.
    Topic's covered :
            The key aspects of an engaging presentation
            Key storytelling techniques and their benefits
            How to adopt storytelling techniques that will capture an audience’s attention
    Module 2 :What Makes a Good Presentation?

           Good presentations aren’t just for inventors or big companies, though. Almost everyone will need to present sometime, and knowing how to do it well is essential. Whether it’s to potential clients or co-workers, a good presentation can engage the audience and drive success.
    Topic's covered :
            What makes a good presentation
            The benefits of using good presentation skills
            How to adopt good techniques that’ll keep audiences engaged and help master your nerves
            How to encourage teams to think creatively

    Module 3 :Presenting with Power: Hints and Tips

           Presenting with power means captivating and motivating the audience with an assured and confident performance that’ll help form connections, inspire people, and influence change. It’s one of the most desirable skills in business. The ability to present well can have an effect on your level of success and career progression. Luckily, it’s a skill everyone can learn.
    Topic's covered :
            Why presenting with power is important
            How to present with power
            How to improve your public speaking
    Module 4 :Structuring your Presentations

           Structuring their presentation will help your teams communicate their message more effectively. Without that structure, their ideas will be muddled, and they’ll confuse the audience. This course will help your teams provide listeners with something they can follow, engage with, and most importantly, remember.
    Topic's covered :
            The benefits of structured presentations
            Ways of improving the structure of your presentations
            Structuring an effective presentation
           Techniques to structure your presentations to keep your audience engaged
    Module 5 :Setting up for Successful Presentations

           Empathy is one of the most important parts of emotional intelligence. It’ll improve the way your team deals with everyday encounters at work, and can even be good for their health. But certain types of empathy are more suitable for some situations than others. This course can help.
    Topic's covered :
            Techniques that will help you prepare effectively
            How to apply techniques to prepare for a successful presentation
            Barriers to being empathetic
           How to develop and adopt strategies to practice empathy
    Module 6:Dealing with Nerves

           Giving a presentation doesn’t look like a big deal – it’s just standing in front of people and talking. How difficult can that be? But when the moment comes, and all those people are looking at you, your palms sweat, your heart thumps, and your mind goes blank. That’s presentation nerves. All you want to do is dig a hole and disappear.
    Topic's covered :
            Effective preparation techniques to manage stress
           How performance anxiety affects you
           How to implement a plan to successfully deliver a presentation
    Module 7: Using Positive Visualization

           Do you ever have doubting, negative thoughts? Those voices in your head that say, “I’m just no good at this sort of thing”? We all have them. And sometimes they can really get in the way. When we have an important challenge to deal with, such as giving a presentation, we need to get rid of those negativities. Wouldn’t it be great if there was some sort of machine that could help us change our attitude? Good news – there is, and we already have one – it’s our brain. There’s a powerful technique that’s used by top athletes, performers, and CEOs – Positive Visualization.
           How positive thoughts can influence our abilities
           How to implement positive visualization practices
           How to apply visualization techniques to prepare for a successful presentation
    Module 8: Power of Posing

           The truth is, people will form an opinion about others in the first few minutes of a presentation, and body language will play a huge part in that. If you know how to stand properly, you can convey power, confidence, and trust. This course will teach everyone how to do that, leaving the presenter in control and more assertive.
           How to have a confident and natural power pose
           How to recognize when this technique is appropriate
           How good posture makes a good impression
    Module 9:The Art of Breathing

           Imagine you’re about to give a presentation. If you’re breathing well, you’ll release more endorphins into your body, your muscles will relax, and your heart rate will lower. You’ll also become more focused and less stressed. This course will explain how to harness your breath to ensure your voice is heard.
           How “good” breathing benefits our bodies and minds
           How to apply simple breathing techniques and exercises
           How breathing can improve performance
    Module 10: Becoming a Master Orator

            Being good at public speaking is a skill that can be used in a variety of personal and work-related situations, for example to accept an award, provide training to new members of staff, speak to customers, or make a speech at a friend’s wedding. This course will help everyone become more confident and compelling as a speaker.
           How to implement eloquent and persuasive speeches
           How to use rehearsal techniques to fine-tune presentations
           How to engage with your audience more easily

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    Presentation Skills

    QAR 99