PRINCE 2 Foundations

QAR 1,099

Prince2 is an extremely adaptable approach since its seven guiding principles may be used on every project

There is no denying that earning a Prince2 certification will give project managers access to more employment prospects.

Professionals in Qatar who hold a Prince2 qualification make an average salary of QAR 294,000.

To achieve a Prince2 Foundation and a Prince2 Practitioner qualification, the majority of Prince2 students need to complete 30 to 50 hours of study

You'll manage projects more successfully if you put Prince2's concepts to use.

If you are really interested in a Prince 2 career, then join the Prince 2 course offered by Team Academy, Doha, Qatar.

Course duration : 24 Hours | Required study hours: 20 to 24 hours.

Training Mode : Classroom training - Online Interactive | Personalized 1 to 1 Interactive Program

Frequency : Flexi pass to attend for the next 120 days in any of the schedule.


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        There are no prerequisites to apply for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam, it is recommended that you have at least two years of experience in a project management environment before pursuing this certification.
        The PRINCE2 Foundation training program is ideal for current or aspiring senior project managers.

        Achieve the PRINCE 2 Foundation and Practitioner Certificates.
        Discuss the Prince 2 Methodology with confidence.
        Compare and contrast processes, knowledge areas, theories, and project management best practices.
        Understand the 7 Principles, 7 Themes and 7 processes of PRINCE2.
        Understand how to Tailor PRINCE2 to a project environment.
        Increase your ability to execute projects in a business environment, validating your skills as a senior project manager.
        Learn theoretical Prince 2 concepts with real-world project examples.
        Learn a Business Wide Skill.

        Why there is a need for project management and how PRINCE2 addresses it.
        PRINCE2 principles, processes, and themes.
        Collecting information to include in Project Initiation Document.
        Designing plans and reports at each level in the project team, and more.
        Study Guide created by subject matter experts.
        Highly Qualified, Certified, and Accredited trainers.

    Module 1 : Introduction to Prince2
    1.1 Introduction to PRINCE2
    1.2 What is a PRINCE2 Project?
    1.3 PRINCE2: Project Variables
    1.4 Benefits of PRINCE2
    1.5 Structure of PRINCE2: Principles
    1.6 Structure of PRINCE2: Themes and Processes

    Module 2 : PRINCE2 Principles
    2.1 Introduction to PRINCE2 Principles
    2.2 Characteristics of PRINCE2 principles
    2.3 PRINCE2 Principle 1: Continued business justification
    2.4 PRINCE2 Principle 2: Learn from experience
    2.5 PRINCE2 Principle 3: Defined roles and responsibilities
    2.6 PRINCE2 Principle 4: Managing by stages
    2.7 PRINCE2 Principle 5: Manage by exception
    2.8 PRINCE2 Principle 6: Focus on products
    2.9 PRINCE2 Principle 7: Tailor to suit the project

    Module 3 : Tailoring and Adopting PRINCE2
    3.1 Tailoring PRINCE2
    3.2 Why tailoring PRINCE2
    3.3 What can and cannot be tailored?
    3.4 Tailoring PRINCE2: Influencing factors
    3.5 Tailoring and embedding PRINCE2 in an organization

    Module 4 : PRINCE2 Themes
    4.1 Introduction to PRINCE2 themes
    4.2 PRINCE2 themes
    4.3 Applying themes

    Module 5 : Theme 1 - Business case
    5.1 What is a business case?
    5.2 Purpose of the business case
    5.3 Business justification and PRINCE2 requirements
    5.4 Development path of the business case and business justification
    5.5 Benefits management approach
    5.6 Roles and responsibilities in the business case theme
    5.7 What does a business case comprise of?

    Module 6 : Theme 2 - Organization
    6.1 Organization theme
    6.2 Purpose of the organization theme
    6.3 Levels of management
    6.4 Mandated project management team roles
    6.5 Roles and responsibilities in the organization theme project stakeholders

    Module 7 : Theme 3 - Quality
    7.1 Quality theme
    7.2 Purpose and key terms of the quality theme
    7.3 Quality planning and quality control
    7.4 Quality management
    7.5 Quality review techniques
    7.6 Quality register

    Module 8 : Theme 4 - Plans
    8.1 Plans theme
    8.2 Purpose and benefits of the Plans theme
    8.3 Requirements for the Plans theme
    8.4 Roles and responsibilities in the Plans theme
    8.5 PRINCE2 approach to the Plans theme
    8.6 Techniques used

    Module 9 : Theme 5 - Risk
    9.1 Risk theme
    9.2 Purpose and key terms of the Risk theme
    9.3 Roles and responsibilities in the Risk theme
    9.4 Recommended Risk Management procedures – Part 1
    9.5 Recommended Risk Management procedures – Part 2

    Module 10 : Theme 6 - Change
    6.1 Change theme
    6.2 Purpose and key terms of the Change theme
    6.3 Approach, roles and responsibilities of the Change theme
    6.4 General tailoring considerations
    6.5 Issue and change control procedure

    Module 11: Theme 7 - Progress
    11.1 Progress theme
    11.2 Purpose of the Progress theme
    11.3 Requirements for managing progress
    11.4 Six tolerance aspects associated with progress by level
    11.5 Tolerance allocation
    11.6 Event-driven and time-driven controls
    11.7 Reviewing and reporting progress and raising exceptions
    11.8 Roles and responsibilities in the Progress theme
    11.9 Guidance for effective progress management

    Module 12 : PRINCE2 processes
    12.1 Introduction to PRINCE2 processes
    12.2 PRINCE2 processes
    12.3 Overview of the PRINCE2 journey
    12.4 Tailoring the PRINCE2 processes

    Module 13 : Process 1 - Starting and Directing a project
    13.1 Introduction to starting up a project
    13.2 Overview of starting up a project
    13.3 Activities of starting up a project
    13.4 Outline Business Case
    13.5 Project brief
    13.6 Introduction to directing a project
    13.7 Overview of directing a project
    13.8 Activities of directing a project

    Module 14 : Process 2 - Initiating a project
    14.1 Initiating a project
    14.2 Overview of initiating a project
    14.3 Activities of initiating a project – Part 1
    14.4 Activities of initiating a project – Part 2
    14.5 Guidance to tailoring in initiating a project process

    Module 15 :Managing product delivery
    15.1 Managing product delivery
    15.2 Purpose of managing product delivery
    15.3 Activities of managing product delivery
    15.4 Tailoring considerations for managing product delivery

    Module 16 : Managing a stage boundary
    16.1 Introduction to managing a stage boundary
    16.2 Purpose of ‘Managing a Stage Boundary’ Process
    16.3 Activities of managing a stage boundary – Part 1
    16.4 Activities of managing a stage boundary – Part 2
    16.5 Tailoring considerations for managing a stage boundary

    Module 17 : Closing a Project
    17.1 The process on ‘Closing a Project’
    17.2 Purpose of closing a project
    17.3 Activities of closing a project
    17.4 Prepare planned closure
    17.5 Prepare premature closure
    17.6 Hand over products
    17.7 Evaluate the project
    17.8 Recommend project closure
    17.9 Tailoring considerations for closing a project

    Q : When does the workshop start and what are the timings?
    A : You can get all the details related to the timings and dates of the workshop will be send to your E-Mail Id. 

    Q : Will this be live or pre-recorded?
    A : It's going to be a completely live session

    Q : I made the payment but didn't receive any confirmation email.
    A : Write to and our awesome support team will solve your queries in the fastest time possible.

    Q : Since the workshop is live, will you be sharing recordings?
    A : Yes , we will be sharing recordings. Since it's a live workshop, it's expected that each participant will attend the workshop live. Also, recordings of a live session are just boring.

    Q : Can I get a refund?
    A : No. We don't provide refunds in any case. If you are not sure about the workshop, check out the testimonials, read more about the trainer and take an informed decision. In case you miss out on attending the live workshop, we can move you to the next batch only ONCE.

    Q : When can I receive the bonuses?
    A : After the workshop is done, you will receive all the bonuses within 48 hours.

    Q : Will I get a certificate after completion?
    A : Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion if you finish the entire workshop.

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    PRINCE 2 Foundations

    QAR 1,099