Risk and Uncertainty

QAR 99

       In every choice you make, there is always some degree of uncertainty. But that shouldn’t stop you from taking risks. Risk-taking can lead to great rewards, as long as you understand how to manage your decisions better. This collection will train everyone on risk and decision-making. It will show you the rewards of taking risks, what obstacles you might find in decision-making, and it will help you understand how to manage your own decisions.

Courses in Collection

    Embracing Risk and Uncertainty
     Risk and Decision-Making
    Managing your own Decisions
    Obstacles to Decision- Making
    The Rewards of Taking Risks

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    Module 1 :Embracing Risk and Uncertainty

           Did you know that Einstein loved to sail despite not being able to swim? And it’s said that he used to sail his boat into storms just because he thought it kept him curious and innovative! Now, he might have taken things to the extreme, but he was right – without risk, growth is impossible. In order to succeed, people need to be able to embrace risk and uncertainty, rather than fear it. It’s probably not a good idea to sail headfirst into the next big storm.
    Topic's covered :
            How to use risk-taking to improve your career and personal life
            How to assess whether you’re letting fear prevent you from moving forward
            How to embrace uncertainty and take decisive action despite the “unknowns”
    Module 2 :Risk and Decision-Making

           From snake pits to ancient arks, for some people life is one big adventure, filled with risky escapades and astonishing triumphs. But the captivating thing about action-hero adventures isn’t the winning at the end, so much as the incredible risks taken in getting there. Everyday life might not feel quite as exciting, but pretty much every decision you make on a day-to-day basis involves some level of risk, too. Of course, not all risks are worth taking, but many are.
    Topic's covered :
            How the brain processes risk and uncertainty
            The role of emotion in decision-making
            How to balance emotions and logic when weighing up decisions
            How to encourage teams to think creatively

    Module 3 :Managing your own Decisions

           Life is full of little uncertainties. It can be hard to predict and full of twists and turns. The stakes can feel pretty high sometimes, and often they really are. When it comes to making decisions that affect our own life, we might find committing to uncertain.
    Topic's covered :
            How to accept uncertainty and take risks any
            How to distinguish between risky and rash decisions
            How to make rational, positive decisions despite the fear of short-term failure
    Module 4 :Obstacles to Decision- Making

           Snooze, or shower? Bus, or bike? Some decisions are easy! Some, on the other hand, are not. What subject should I major in? Should I buy that dream house? Should I really take the rickety rope bridge over that canyon? When it comes to making bigger decisions, obstacles are everywhere. They’re in your circumstances, the people around you, and, more than anywhere else, they’re in your own mind. The great thing is, how you make decisions is more important than what you decide. When people recognize and overcome these obstacles, they gain confidence, competence, and time.
    Topic's covered :
            Common internal, external, and social obstacles to decision-making
            How to consider your own cognitive biases and how they affect your decisions
            How to make decisions more objectively and with confidence
    Module 5 :The Rewards of Taking Risks

           Risk. What does that word mean to you? Heroic adventures, filled with dazzling feats of daring, and spectacular rewards? Or maybe hazards, danger, and potential catastrophe? Unless you’re an action-movie hero, it’s probably far less dramatic than that. Every day, you face risks in various forms, and most days you probably navigate them with little drama. So, when it comes to making decisions about our lives, why does taking risks still feel so, well… risky? When people build risk-taking into their life, they stand to gain regardless of outcome. Risk-taking is a reward in itself.
    Topic's covered :
            The rewards of positive risk-taking
            Different attitudes to risk-taking and their benefits
            Why taking risks is important for self-development and fulfillment

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    Risk and Uncertainty

    QAR 99