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Sales plays a crucial role in the success of a business. But although skills like listening and managing your pipeline are important, sales skills go far beyond the basics. You need to help your sales teams expand their knowledge and understand sales concepts in depth. And the Sales Mastery collection is going to help you do that.

With this course collection, your sales team will understand the concept of Virtual Selling and master the method of Cold Calling. They will grow their Sales Resilience, understand and Deal with Sales Fear, and will learn about the role of Emotional Intelligence in Sales Success. Your salespeople will understand Why Deals Are Lost, learn Sales Methodologies, and more.

All courses in this collection are short and concise, helping your teams to fit the training into their busy schedule according to their personal needs.

Courses in Collection

Shortening your Sales Cycle

Sales Strategies: The Power of Resellers

Sales Methodologies

Understand Why Deals are Lost

How to Sell Ethically

and More ...

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    IAO Accredited

    Team Academy Trainers and all the course offerings are accredited by the  IAO - International accreditation organisation which is a globally recognized quality assurance agency, working to improve quality assurance standards of educational institutes all over the world.


    Module 1 : Shortening your Sales Cycle
         Shortening your Sales Cycle doesn’t mean cutting corners or doing bad business. Done correctly, it will increase your efficiency and make you and your company more money. In an age when much of a sale is conducted online, the Sales Cycle has already changed. Adapting yours to suit this digital age is key to doing good business today.
    Topics Covered
    The importance of the Sales Cycle in business
    How a shorter Sales Cycle suits a digital age
    How to shorten your Sales Cycle
    Module 2 : Sales Strategies: The Power of Resellers
         Some of the largest retail companies in the world are resellers. And, big or small, resellers can be a powerful tool when you want to sell your products. A reseller is a company or individual that buys services and goods to resell them and generate profit. Using a reseller can be a great way to boost your sales. This course will show you how.
    Topics Covered
    The role a reseller can play in boosting sales
    Potential pitfalls of using resellers
    How to build a successful relationship with a reseller
    Module 3 : Sales Methodologies
         The Sales Methodologies are SPIN, SNAP, Sandler, MEDDIC, Conceptual, & CustomerCentric.Sales methodologies are systems for selling that make closing deals more predictable and successful. But there are many different methodologies, and what works for 1 company might fall flat for another. Knowing the differences between them is vital.
    Topics Covered
    The SPIN, SNAP, Sandler, MEDDIC, Conceptual, & Customer-Centric sales methodologies
    The differences between these methodologies
    Situations in which each methodology would be relevant
    Module 4 : Understand Why Deals are Lost
         There are many reasons why your sales teams might lose a deal, so it’s important to gather feedback from their prospects to help them understand the situation. Losing deals can be difficult and may leave your sales teams feeling disappointed and lacking in confidence. Fortunately, there are several strategies they can use to handle lost deals better.
    Topics Covered
    Reasons deals are lost
    How to handle losing deals
    Strategies to revive lost deals
    Module 5 : How to Sell Ethically
         Traditional selling techniques can seem pushy, which makes customers wary of buying. These techniques can improve short-term sales numbers, but may damage customer relationships and long-term profits. The good news is that learning about ethical selling can increase sales in the long run and there are several techniques they can use to be more ethical sellers.
    Topics Covered
    What ethical selling is
    The benefits of ethical selling
    Techniques to sell more ethically
    Module 6 : Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success
         There are a lot of variables to deal with before a sale can go through; economic considerations, cash flow issues or simply customers changing their minds. But salespeople that use their emotional intelligence when dealing with customers impact sales performance considerably.Emotional intelligence, also known as EQ, helps make people aware of their own emotions and the emotions of others. This would be useful in a sales setting:
    Topics Covered
    The different types of emotional intelligence
    How EQ has an effect on sales performance
    Ways to develop emotional intelligence
    Module 7 : Virtual Selling
         Some of us are working from home more often, particularly as technology has improved to make that possible. More and more often, virtual selling is replacing in-person sales conversations, and that’s only going to increase. This course outlines the processes and technologies available so that your sales teams can engage with customers and close those deals remotely.
    Topics Covered
    Setting up your workspace professionally
    Preparing for virtual selling
    The differences between virtual and face-to-face sales
    Module 8 : Mastering Cold Calling
         As a salesperson, making cold calls isn’t as appealing as pursuing live leads, for obvious reasons. It’s believed you’ll be less likely to succeed. It’s true that making cold calls can result in a high rejection rate and potentially damage a company’s reputation. This course will help your sales teams learn the best way to approach cold calls, so they can use the company’s time effectively and boost sales numbers.
    Topics Covered
    The dos and don’ts when cold calling contacts
    Successful methods to use when making cold calls
    Useful techniques and best times for cold calling
    Module 9 : Dealing with Sales Fear
         As confident as many salespeople appear on the outside, being nervous is a common problem. Being nervous isn’t helpful when trying to make a successful sale. It can cause your salespeople to stumble over their words, damaging their success rate and their confidence. There are ways to beat those pesky nerves and allow your staff to regularly close sales confidently and successfully. That’s what this course covers.
    Topics Covered
    The causes of sales fear
    The best methods to combat sales fear
    How to apply these methods to remove nerves during sales
    Module 10 : Resilience in Sales
         Business can be tough. But 1 area of business can be so much tougher than the rest. In sales, rejection happens all the time. That can get pretty disheartening and make your salespeople feel like giving up.The key is resilience. This course will help your sales teams improve their sales resilience by giving them tips to change their mindset.
    Topics Covered
    Why resilience is so important in sales
    The benefits a positive mindset can have on your resilience
    How to implement strategies to change your thinking and improve your resilience
    Module 11 : Mastering Cold Emailing
         Cold emailing is relatively new as a sales technique, and it’s difficult to know where to start. When it’s done well, cold emailing can help boost your team’s sales.There’s also a risk of harming the company’s reputation if they send a misjudged email. This course will help your sales teams learn how to use cold emails to generate more sales for your company and avoid any mishaps.
    Topics Covered
    The dos and don’ts when composing cold emails
    Successful methods to use when sending cold emails
    How to create an effective cold emailing approach
    Module 12 : Value-Based Selling
         Well, there are specific sales techniques that put this right at their heart. This means your teams never forget that, without showing your product or service has value to the customer, it’ll be hard to convince them to buy it. You may be surprised how much your sales improve by moving to this approach. And this course will show you how.
    Topics Covered
    The benefits of value-based selling
    The key principles of value-based selling
    How to apply these principles to increase sales
    Module 13 : Reducing Sales Friction
         Think getting to the checkout screen of a website and it crashing before you can even put your card details in. And we’ve all wondered, “is it really worth all this hassle?” You’ve probably even given up before, opting to look somewhere else, to find a smoother process. As the people trying to make the sale, your salespeople want to minimize these things happening as much as possible. They don’t want to lose sales because of things not even related to their pitch or the product.
    Topics Covered
    Where your customers may be experiencing friction
    The benefits of reducing sales friction
    How you can reduce sales friction for your customers
    Module 14 : Automating Sales Processes
         In sales, a significant portion of your salespeople’s time is spent on other tasks, which are important, but don’t actively generate sales. By automating certain processes, your sales teams can save time that they can direct back to their sales pitches. And by doing this, they may even see a sizable improvement in their sales figures.
    Topics Covered
    The benefits of automating your sales processes
    Sales processes that are commonly automated
    How to identify which of your sales processes would be most effective to automate
    Module 15 : Designing your Sales Dashboard
         There’s a lot of numbers involved in sales. They’re everywhere. And they’re key in monitoring sales performance. But keeping track of them all can be an absolute nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be that hard. Your teams can use a sales dashboard to keep key figures all in 1 place, so they can easily find the numbers they need, when they need them. And this course will guide your sales teams through making sure it meets their needs.
    Topics Covered
    Items commonly included in a sales dashboard
    The benefits of a personalized sales dashboard
    How to design a sales dashboard tailored to your needs
    Module 16 : Cross-Selling, Upselling & Account Growth
         It’s a seemingly simple sales tactic, and one that does often work well. But there’s a lot behind this and similar techniques, and it’s a great way to increase sales. Your salespeople most likely could use cross-selling, upselling, and/or account growth in their own sales processes to increase their sales. These simple techniques can have a big difference on sales figures.
    Topics Covered
    The benefits of cross-selling, upselling, and account growth
    The key differences between cross-selling, upselling, and account growth
    How to use cross-selling, upselling, and account growth to increase your sales

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    Sales Mastery

    QAR 99