The Leadership Role Model

QAR 99

        Leadership can be complicated, and it requires practice and dedication. This collection of courses focuses on leadership, management, and emotional intelligence skills. You’ll learn how to lead with respect, empathy, and positive energy. You’ll also learn to recognize when to be patient, when to use humor, and when to admit you’re wrong.


Courses in Collection

    Leading with Respect and Respecting Others
    Leading with Energy
    Being Positive
    Leading with Commitment
    Using Humor and much more...

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    Module 1 :Leading with Respect and Respecting Others

           Bosses who get involved in day-to-day activities are displaying one of the main cornerstones of leading with respect. Only by observing, challenging, and supporting their staff, combined with listening, learning, fostering teamwork, and more, can a manager truly foster respect. And you can lead your team in the same way.
    Topic's covered :
            Why is it important to lead with respect
            What are some ways to show that you respect others
            How to implement tips to foster respect among your team
            The basics of printing, including how to use page setup
            How headers, footers, and page numbers work
    Module 2 :Leading with Energy

           Companies that don’t lead with energy can stagnate and lose competitiveness. They also have decreased customer satisfaction, lower growth, and reduced return on investment. If you want to lead your team to success, you’ve got to learn how to channel, focus, and monitor that energy to stay energized.
    Topic's covered :
            What leading with energy is
            How to use energy to engage your team
            What are the benefits of leading with energy
            Using the Find and Replace functions

    Module 3 :Being Positive

           Being positive as a leader uses many of the same traits. You want to bring out the best in others, supporting and building relationships with them. That’s what leaders should do. So if you can train yourself in positivity, it’ll make you a better, more successful person, and your team will improve.

    Topic's covered :
            Why is positive leadership important

            What are some techniques to improve your own positivity

            How to increase your team’s positivity

    Module 4 :Leading with Commitment

           Many managers take it as read that an employee should be loyal and committed right from onboarding. After all, you’re doing them a favor by employing them, right? WRONG! This kind of attitude is simply not realistic when it comes to modern talent. People understand their worth, and if you want to bring the best out in them, you need to show commitment yourself.
    Topic's covered :
            What is the importance of leadership commitment
            How to increase commitment in your team
            How to demonstrate leadership behaviors to inspire employee commitment
    Module 5 :Using Humor

           Fact is, using humor effectively creates a good atmosphere, a positive environment, and a productive and happy workplace culture. Your attitude will rub off on your employees when humor is used well. You just have to be careful. Certain types and levels of humor may cause more harm than good, so you have to tread that tightrope carefully. We can help with that.
    Topic's covered :
            What is the correct level and type of humor to use
            What are the benefits of using humor as a leader
            How to demonstrate humor at appropriate times
    Module 6:The Power of Patience

           Patience. For some it’s just a card game, for others it’s about keeping their calm when things don’t go their way. Patience isn’t just a card game or a virtue. It can be powerful, too. It’s an essential tool for every leader that will improve success rates and help build better workplaces.
    Topic's covered :
           What are the benefits of being patient
           What are patience-building techniques
           How to practice patience while interacting with your team
    Module 7: Recognizing and Rewarding Others

           There’s plenty of satisfaction to be gained from doing a great job. But when you’re recognized for being a star in the workplace, it can feel really special. The opposite is true also. When you consistently perform to a high level and don’t receive any recognition, it can be demoralizing.
           How powerful recognition can be
           When to use rewards
           How to reward others successfully
    Module 8: Leading with Empathy
        As a leader, you’ll need to empathize to be successful. But you might ask, “Why, if it’s all about somebody else?” Empathy will help you understand another person’s needs and feelings, and see the world through their eyes. Once you do, you’ll stand a far better chance of building strong, trusting relationships.
           What is empathy
           What are the benefits of empathy
           How to successfully use empathy
    Module 9:Knowing When You're Wrong

           It’s vitally important that leaders know when they’re wrong. Imagining that you’re right, even when you’re not, will only lead to problems and can spell disaster for a business. Knowing when you’re wrong will help you to build stronger relationships and allow you to correct mistakes before they become major issues.
           What are ways to be sure you’re wrong
           What are the benefits of knowing when you’re wrong
           How to turn being wrong into a positive outcome
    Module 10: A Healthy Manager is a Good Manager

           Everyone knows that good managers are busy people, so often there isn’t enough time in the day to think of yourself. As a manager, if you’re unhealthy, you won’t be at your best, which will affect your performance. Key skills, like decision-making, will suffer as your energy levels drop. Remember, your health doesn’t just affect you, it affects the people around you, too.
           What are health risks
           What are the benefits of being a healthy manager
           How to use tools and techniques to become a healthier manager


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    The Leadership Role Model

    QAR 99