Well-Being Training Essentials

QAR 99

        With well-being training, all this advice we hear over and over about eating healthily, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep gets easier. Maintaining your well-being is crucial for living a healthy, balanced life. It’s also key to staying productive at work. The online well-being courses in this collection offer practical tips and methods so that we can actually follow these words of advice we keep hearing.

Courses in Collection

   Eating Healthy
    Understanding Emotions
    The Importance of Sleep
   The Importance of Good Work-life Balance
   The Importance of Exercise and much more...

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    Module 1 :Eating Healthy

           Sugary treats all taste great, right? But, nutritionally, they’re not so good and have dangerous effects on much more than your waistline. So, making good food choices is a crucial part of maintaining your overall well-being, both in and out of work. Food for thought!
    Topic's covered :
            What are the dangers of making the wrong food choices
            How to make better choices to satisfy the sugar cravings
            How to choose healthier food options to improve your work, as well as your life
            How to create a healthy-eating workplace
    Module 2 :Understanding Emotions

           Ever wake up feeling irritated with the world for no particular reason, or feeling like a million dollars even though you’ve got some serious ‘bed head’ going on? Emotions are weird like that. But they do inform every part of our lives, because they’re how we feel.
    Topic's covered :
            How managing emotions can help keep you on task
            What are some handy tips to manage your emotions effectively
            Why is empathy important
            How to encourage teams to think creatively

    Module 3 :The Importance of Sleep

           Everything from mental well-being to physical health can be affected by not getting enough shut-eye. When it comes to work, being sleep deprived isn’t only bad for productivity, but depending on the job you do, it could be really dangerous too, so making sure you get enough of the right sort of sleep is vital.
    Topic's covered :
            Why too little sleep does you more harm than good
            What is the impact of tiredness in the workplace
            How good “sleep hygiene” can change your life
    Module 4 :The Importance of Good Work-life Balance

           Striking a good work/life balance is vital for your well-being, as well as your job. Getting it wrong could cause your mental and physical health to suffer, which isn’t great for your productivity. It can impact everyone around you, both in and out of work. In fact, many say the goal is having a good life balance – and your job is just one part of that!
    Topic's covered :
            Why you need to establish a good work/life balance
            How to manage staff workloads to help productivity
            What are some strategies that help ensure the balance is right for you
    Module 5 :The Importance of Exercise

           Regular exercise not only improves physical health, but studies show that it can have a positive effect on mental well-being, benefitting your life both in and out of the workplace. If you feel sluggish or have trouble concentrating at work, then your performance suffers. But knowing the benefits of exercise, and trying it out for yourself, can really help.
    Topic's covered :
            How regular exercise benefits your work performance
            How making small changes can get big results
    Module 6:Dealing with Stress

           You know that feeling: you’ve burnt your breakfast, the freeway is a nightmare, and your to-do list is huge. Meanwhile, your 10:30 meeting has been pushed forward and the phone’s ringing off the hook. No wonder your hair is turning grey. Stresses like these can be difficult to deal with. If you don’t recognize the signs and symptoms quickly, stress can be seriously damaging to your mental and physical health, impacting every part of your life, including your work.
    Topic's covered :
           What are the main causes of stress
           How to spot if you, or someone else, is showing signs of stress
           What are some simple strategies you can use to manage stress
    Module 7: Well-being and Productivity

           Our general well-being affects every part of our life, so it’s not rocket science to link general well-being and productivity at work. If you don’t feel great or have something on your mind, then you can’t be completely focused on your job. As a result, productivity will fall.
           What is meant by “general well-being”, and how it affects productivity
           How to implement small changes to boost productivity
           How leaders can be well-being role models
    Module 8: Kicking Bad Habits

           Bad habits can infiltrate every part of your life, with things like sleep, mood, and concentration all being affected. They can even affect others around you. This will have damaging effects on your performance at work, as well as your health and well-being, so it’s important to recognize them, and make changes.
           How bad habits affect our brain
           How to identify what needs to change
           How to replace bad habits with good ones
           How to set goals successfully
    Module 9:The Dangers of Sitting Down

           The “sitting disease,” or having a “sedentary lifestyle,” are terms used to describe individuals who engage in prolonged periods of sitting or overall inactivity. While sitting down all day may seem harmless, it can impact your health negatively, affecting things like breathing, blood circulation, and posture. This potentially leads to serious long-term health problems and can really affect your work.
           What are the dangers of sitting for too long
           How to promote an active workplace
           How to establish accountability in your workplace
    Module 10: Promoting Health and Well-being at Work

           Promoting health and well-being at work is becoming more and more popular, with big companies like Google and Pixar “splashing the cash” on initiatives for their staff. But aiming for and promoting a healthy workplace lifestyle isn’t just for giant companies.
           What are the problems with ignoring health and well-being at work
           How to promote health in the workplace
           What are some easy strategies to improve workplace well-being

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    Well-Being Training Essentials

    QAR 99