What is the Scope of PMP Certification Across the World?

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It is one of the most credible certifications for project managers, recognized globally across industries. The value it can add to your resume is quite unmatched compared to other training courses in Qatar.

If you are a project manager planning to join a PMP course in Qatar, you have made the right decision. And, if you are wondering about the scope of the PMP credential globally, this post will help.

Project Management Professional Certification-An Overview  

Project Management Institute is the organization that conducts the PMP certificate exam throughout the year. At the same time, you can take PMP training in Qatar from any quality provider like Team Academy, all the processes related to PMP certification and the examination.

For many industries, PMP certification has become a non-formal requirement if you want to serve as a project manager. The examination tests your ability to manage and handle projects in a demanding environment. Two hundred questions are divided between situational and knowledge-based questions. To be successful, you must secure at least 65% in the PMP certification exam.

As for eligibility, you must be either a four-year degree or global equivalent holder or a secondary degree or global equivalent holder. The further requirements – experience in leading projects and project management education- depend on your qualification.

Here’s a quick look at the eligibility criteria for PMP certification:

Eligibility Requirement

Four-year degree or global equivalent

Secondary degree or global equivalent

Years of Project Management Experience

3 Years (36 months)

5 Years (60 months)

Leading & Directing Projects Experience

4,500 Hours

7,500 Hours

Project Management Education Experience

35 Hours

35 Hours


The scope of PMP 

As an aspiring project manager, you will appreciate the value of PMP certification if you are aware of its scope. Here are some essential facts you must know.

Easily land leading roles 

PMP credential certifies that you are a project manager aware of the best methodologies to lead the project. Industries want leaders who can assist staff and other team members in overcoming a problem when there is a need to improve the situation. During PMP certification training, you will learn skills to help you better use your knowledge, experience, and abilities to drive productive teams. Across industries, PMP-certified project managers are trusted to ensure smooth business operations. Qatar has several sectors apart from oil and gas, chemicals, and real estate. With a PMP credential, your resume will become relevant for any industry.

Higher demand 

PMP certification is valuable to your profile, making you eligible for higher compensation. According to the PMI statistics, PMP-certified project managers have 20% higher pay than their peers who do not have the certification. This pay increase is a significant return on the investment in the PMP training in Qatar you make.

Furthermore, the statics also claim that only 58% of the organizations in the world truly understand the value of project management. This leaves a lot of scope to be hired as a PMP-certified project manager across industries. With the increasing need for data-driven project management, companies want to hire top-notch expertise.

Also, 68% of the organizations participating in PMI’s annual survey agreed that they outsource most of their project management requirements. This is an overhead cost that companies want to reduce quickly by hiring skilled project management professionals. PMP certification makes you a worthy candidate for the role.

You can switch careers between industries once you earn PMP certification, as the skills you will learn are transferable.

These numbers are enough to justify the scope of obtaining a PMP certification.

Networking opportunities

To take the exam, you will have to join the PMI membership. It introduces you to the pool of certified project managers across the world. There are over 740,000 PMP members worldwide, employed in various industries.

As a PMI member, you can attend meetings with other project managers and learn about the Project Management industry and network. As a professional, you must be aware of the importance of networking. PMP certification allows you to join the network of professionals who are known to be the leaders in the project development domain.


PMP certification can make you a truly eligible project manager who can be appointed across industries. The scope of the certification is global, and organizations value PMP-certified candidates.

Team Academy offers the best training courses in Qatar. Our PMP certification training teaches you how to use your skills and experience and answer questions demonstrating your knowledge of the best project management methodologies. We are proud of our 100% passing rate after training over 4000 project managers and helping them to become PMP certified.