What advantages do digital transformations offer?

As they would for more traditional projects, organisations experiencing transformation frequently assess the effectiveness of their digital innovations against a variety of business KPIs.

Although the predicted return on investment (ROI) for digital transformation initiatives differs between programmes and between enterprises, experts indicated that there are a variety of broad benefits of digital transformation that are all interrelated and reliant.

1. Enhanced effectiveness and output

Digital technologies increase productivity and efficiency by streamlining operations and speeding up processes. For instance, robotic process automation can surpass humans in many ways. IBM demonstrated bots that did jobs 20 times more quickly than people and, for the most part, don't make mistakes as people do. Data analytics tools and business intelligence technologies can gather and analyse data more quickly and accurately than humans. The analysis is then used by employees to speed up decision-making over what would be possible without modern technologies.

2. Improved resource administration

In order to integrate operations and facilitate the seamless data flow across all departments, contemporary IT architectures are replacing outdated systems supporting particular business units in firms that are undergoing transformation. According to experts, this end-to-end digital equipment approach has assisted CIOs and other leaders in getting rid of redundant and unnecessary technologies as well as the costs that go along with them. In addition, on-demand technology solutions and as-a-service portals have assisted organisations in making the most of their technology investments by supplying the exact amount of computing power required at the time, as opposed to paying for extra capacity only to handle infrequent spikes in usage.

3. Enhanced resilience

Companies that embrace digital technologies and create a change-loving digital culture in Qatar are better able to quickly adjust to changing market conditions, even major social and economic disruptions like COVID-19. Companies, non-profits, and other organisations are better able to withstand both little and major interruptions that happen only occasionally. Additionally, by providing built-in redundancies and elasticity, the widespread use of digital technologies, especially cloud computing, increases organisational resilience even more. Although the majority of CEOs acknowledged that the advantages of digital transformation helped them create more resilient businesses, many now place a larger value on these technology after 2020.

4. Enhanced customer interactions

According to Andrew Binns, managing principle at Change Logic LLC, "transformation completely transforms what you understand about your customers." "Additionally, it changes the kind of connection you can establish with clients. You can increase the level of intimacy." Businesses can gather, store, and analyse consumer data using digital technology to better understand each of their consumers. Businesses can obtain deeper insights through data analysis and AI, enabling them to develop and provide goods and services that are specifically catered to the preferences and requirements of each individual client.

5. More inventive

Companies in all industries all over Qatar now have new opportunities to develop services and products that they previously couldn't because of digitalization. In order to connect contractors and clients, tool businesses now provide online services. Virtual, on-demand workout instruction is now delivered using personal fitness equipment. Retailers provide selected, personalised clothing for rent. According to Binns, "digital enables businesses to better develop and carve out new niches." "Even though they receive all the attention, this is not solely being done by Google and Amazon. Even established companies are starting new ventures outside of their core competencies."

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