What is ACCA, an Overview

What is ACCA?

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, a prestigious international accountancy group, is known by the initials ACCA. The ACCA credential is acknowledged and regarded as being comparable to local credentials in various nations.

Employers can see from your ACCA certification that you are competent in all facets of business. With over 500,000 members and learners in 170 countries, it is the most widely held and rapidly expanding qualification in the world.

Benefits of the ACCA Certification:

1.       The ability to work in any area of finance or management in any organization as well as the ability to qualify as a Chartered Certified Accountant and use the abbreviation              ACCA.
2.      Higher job opportunities as a consequence of having demonstrated proficiency across the board in business.
3.      Demonstrates to a potential employer that you possess the abilities needed to advance to more roles in senior management.
4.       Greater reputation in the perspective of your clients and an employer.
5.      With more than 320,000 students and members in 170 countries, it is the biggest and quickest global professional accounting association.
6.       Having such a qualification shows that the holder possess knowledge and abilities that are highly valued by employers in the banking, consulting, auditing, and other          industries, as well as in other disciplines like tax and law.
7.       Candidates obtain significant abilities in organization management and strategy in addition to their specialised knowledge of finance and accounting.
8.       Unlike universities, the certification does not solely focus on theory and prepares graduates for use in the real world.
9.      The certification complies with IFAC and is based on global accounting and auditing standards.
10.      Students who complete the Professional qualification will receive the same level of personal satisfaction from having learned the necessary business skills as they would         from completing a full university degree with tests twice a year.

5 ACCA-related facts you should be aware of

1.        The ACCA, or "Association of Chartered Certified Accountants," is an international professional organisation that awards highly regarded and prized worldwide business        degrees. Members of the United Nations and the European Union both recognise it.
2.        How do you obtain the certification? A maximum of 13 English examinations must be passed, and you must have appropriate practical experience that you can obtain in any         industry you work in.
3.        You have ten years to complete the tests, and you can take as many as four per session. Normal qualification times are two to three years.
4.        The professional qualification includes business ethics as well as management accounting, financial statements, company taxation & legislation, and audit!
5.        Many local and international businesses encourage or demand that their staff members pursue this esteemed certification.

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