A guide to Microsoft Power BI certification


What is Power BI?

Which analytics tool to use is a major issue for businesses and data analysts. In order to address this, Microsoft has combined several of its reporting and analytics offerings into Power BI. It enables you to make significantly better and business planning decisions and providing interactive information visualization and advanced analytics capabilities. Professionals who have earned a Power BI credential are adept at using the program.


Who is Power BI Developer?

A Power BI developer is knowledgeable about Power BI as a tool. This person is in charge of managing and creating BI tools and is intimately familiar with Power BI. Given their many executive, managerial, and strategic responsibilities, Power BI developers are important assets for any organization.


Roles and Responsibilities of a Power BI Developer:

  1. Knowing business requirements in the sense of BI and creating data models to extract useful information from raw data
  2. Using Power BI, you can create engaging reports and dashboards
  3. Trying to identify KPIs, setting strict goals, and continuously monitoring both
  4. Data analysis and visual news stories that can be used as a decision-making tool
  5. Transforming business requirements into technical specifications and establishing completion dates for them
  6. Constructing multidimensional data models and establishing connections between different data points
  7. Making graphs and data records to describe parameters, algorithms, relationships, and models
  8. Creating, implementing, testing, and deploying Power BI scripts
  9. Executing thorough analytics using tried-and-true techniques
  10. Using Power BI to run DAX operations and queries
  11. Handling, specifying, and developing innovative systems after analyzing existing ETLs
  12. Functioning with SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS while creating data warehouses
  13. Attempting to make strategic and technical redefining and improvements to enterprise BI systems
  14. Making specialized charts and specialized calculations as necessary
  15. Designing, creating, and implementing BI solutions for business requirements
  16. Using charts and filters to make sense of the data, querying SQL to get the best possible results.
  17. Collaborating with users and team members at various levels to take suggestions and improve performance.



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