Advantages of Microsoft Office Certification and How to Get Started

Discover the advantages of and procedures for obtaining the Specialist, Expert, and Master levels of Microsoft Office Certification.

Overview of Microsoft Office certifications

The Microsoft Office Specialist certification certifies your proficiency with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and Access in the Office suite of programmes. There are three levels of certification available: associate, expert, and master.

Each Microsoft Office exam evaluates the following abilities:

MO-100 Manage documents in Microsoft Word by inserting and formatting text, paragraphs, and sections; managing tables and lists; creating and managing references; inserting and formatting graphic components; and managing document collaboration.

  • MO-101 Use advanced editing and formatting tools, build custom document elements, and utilise other advanced Word capabilities as a Microsoft Word expert.
  • MO-200 Manage worksheets and workbooks, data cells and ranges, tables and table data, and perform operations using formulae and functions in Microsoft Excel; control charts.
  • MO-201 Manage workbook options and settings, format data, handle sophisticated formulas and macros, and manage advanced charts and tables in Microsoft Excel.
  • MO-300 Manage slides in Microsoft PowerPoint, organise presentations, add and format text, shapes, and photos, add tables, charts, SmartArt, media, and 3D models, and use transitions and animations.
  • MO-400 Manage Outlook settings and procedures, messages, schedules, contacts, and tasks with Microsoft Outlook.
  • MO-500 Manage databases, build and modify tables, queries, forms in layout view, and reports in layout view using Microsoft Access.
  • Create custom Word elements, handle document choices and settings, design complex documents, generate complex references, and pass the 77-726 Word 2016 Expert exam.
  • Manage workbook choices and settings, use customised data formats and layouts, and develop sophisticated formulas with the 77-728 Excel 2016 Expert (Interpreting Data for Insights) certification. make sophisticated tables and charts.
  • 77-729 Create and manage presentations; add and format text, shapes, and images; and include tables, charts, SmartArt, and media using PowerPoint 2016 (Core Presentation Design and Delivery Skills). manage several presentations; use transitions and animations.
  • 77-730 Access 2016 (Core Database Management, Manipulation, and Query Skills) teaches you how to establish databases, manage them, generate forms and reports, and write queries.
  • 77-731 Manage the Outlook environment for productivity, messages, schedules, contacts, and groups with Outlook 2016's core communication, collaboration, and email skills.

Advantages of Microsoft Office certification

You might be wondering how a credential can help your job if you're considering becoming Microsoft Office certified. Here is a list of advantages to take into account while you compare your employment possibilities.

1. Microsoft certificates are recognised by employers all over the world.

Microsoft Office certificates, which are widely recognised, can make it simpler to land a job, rise through the corporate ranks, start a career, or change careers. We searched Glassdoor for "Microsoft Office specialist jobs" in the US to give you a sense of the demand for workers with Microsoft Office training. The outcomes produced nearly 63,000 job listings as of October 2022, when companies favour applicants with Microsoft Office training or expertise. Employment were available in a variety of sectors, including talent solutions, marketing, banking and finance, health care, and insurance. Office 365 Support Specialist, Human Resources Specialist, Accounts Payable Specialist, and Sales Compensation Specialist are examples of job titles.

2. Certificates match positions that are established by the industry.

You can develop software skills to address many of the contemporary real-world business difficulties by preparing for and passing a certified exam. According to 1,000 Microsoft Business Applications professionals who were surveyed for the 2022 Careers and Hiring Guide: Microsoft Business Applications Edition, 30% of them have "improved and increased industry knowledge," 38% have "increased efficiency" at work, and 21% have "the ability to perform complex tasks more confidently."

3. Retaining your certification ensures that your abilities are up to date.

Microsoft Office certifications are regularly updated to meet the changing requirements of organisations. In order to keep your certification, you'll need to show employers that you're committed to their professional development by mastering the most recent technological capabilities. According to the Microsoft Business Applications Handbook, 26% of survey respondents indicated that employers had "greater trust" in them, and 20% said they had "transferable industry skills."

4. You might be able to demand a greater pay.

Microsoft Business Applications Guide reports that 68% of survey respondents indicated their pay increased when they changed employment, citing their Microsoft credentials as a contributing reason.

According to Payscale, the US average income for a Microsoft Office Specialist is $57,000. Senior Marketing Data Analyst ($100,000) and Sharepoint Administrator ($78,907) are two Microsoft Office Specialist positions that Payscale classifies as having typical incomes exceeding $57,000.

Obtaining MOS certification

If you're prepared to obtain your Microsoft Office Specialist certification, do the following actions to speed up the procedure:

1. Decide what certification level you require.

Consider your professional ambitions, the jobs you want to play, and the Microsoft skills and certifications that employers are looking for. To choose a certification level, including the needed examinations, consult the table above and Microsoft's Certification dashboard.

2. Set an exam date.

Visit the Certiport Approved Testing Center Finder to sign up and schedule an exam. Schedule your exam far enough in advance to give yourself ample time to prepare. Furthermore, register for a Microsoft account to view your Certification Dashboard.

3. Prepare for the exam.

If you're prepared to obtain your Microsoft Office Specialist certification, do the following actions to speed up the procedure:

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4. Pass the test.

The last step to get certified in one of the skill areas is to take and pass the exam. To obtain score reports and other exam details, log into your Certification Dashboard.

5. Keep your certification current.

How long do Microsoft Office certifications last is a frequently asked query from persons looking into office qualifications. Certifications for associate, expert, and speciality levels expire after a year. Up to six months before they expire, you can renew them for free by doing the following:

  • Integrating your Microsoft Learn account with your Certification Dashboard
  • Taking tests that are less extensive than the actual exams

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