BI DAX Functions and Operator-Advanced

Recently, companies have produced and generated data at an astrological level. Furthermore, these businesses depend upon data analytics to extract meaning from it. Based on this, the organizations run data-driven decision-making. This process is not straightforward because most companies store their data in a decentralized way.

Power BI gives us quick results for performing the tasks linked with visualization and data analytics. The uniqueness is that it has functions that businesses can use to balance their work with data.

In Power BI, the overall combination of such Functions is DAX. DAX is a library whose functions are to ease and modify the tasks of a power BI user. Furthermore, the DAX can perform sophisticated and mathematical-related functions in just a few clicks.

Main aspects of Power BI

In today’s market, Power BI is very popular in terms of its features. A few main features are mentioned below. Power BI gives us various options. It helps us perform the tasks more efficiently. Power BI provides us with a detailed analysis without any flaws and errors. It will provide you with a simple function to draw or establish reports.

DAX Functions DAX functions have formulas referred to as measures to perform the dynamic calculations. It gives you the ability to move between tables without any flaws and errors in a flexible way. To gather computational results of data operations, this library provides us with calculated columns that carry out functions efficiently and efficiently.

DAX Functions for Power BI:

DAX Date and Time Functions `have similar rules and same syntax as that of the time function and Excel data type to calculate the date and time values.

Information function

DAX information functions to analyze the argument of the input to give the false or true output CONTAINS: This role of this is to return true and false. CUSTOM DATA: The part of this is to read the connection string and then return it to the custom data property LOOKUP VALUE: The part of this is to find out rows that fulfill the whole procedure given by the search value and search column name USERNAME: The part of this is to return all your usernames and domains that you have during the connection setup you su bmitted to your system. ISBLANK: It takes back the correct value for the blank and false for any other value after figuring out the value of the input.

DAX Function for Power BI:

    Logical Function This gives us the false or true output and determine a few expression for input that contain the logical operators Some of the functions which come under the logical classification in DAX are:

  • AND: This Function is based on the condition that if both the arguments are valid, it returns as false or true.
  • NOTE: This Function relies on the condition that brings the changes in the input expression values to its reverse counterpart. These changes from true to false and so on
  • OR: This Function is based on the condition that if the argument in an input is valid, it returns as false or true.
  • SWITCH: This Function lists the values that match the input expression and returns to one of the multiple results.
  • IF: This Function analyzes and controls the known condition.
  • Mathematical and trigonometric FUNCTIONS:
  • These functions will help you to do simple and easy operations regarding mathematical. These functions work similarly to Excel.
  • DAX Statistical Functions: It is associated with statistical formulas such as ranges, averages, means, etc.
  • DAX Function: The use of the string data type will allow and help with columns and tables

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    Final Words:

    As BI, it gives us remarkable characteristics. DAX functions in that of the power BI and gives you various advantages. It is capable of the use of many high-level force BI attributes. You can make the Power BI Dashboard smarter by the use of DAX. Power BI is an effective tool for carrying out business-related data analytics. It provides you with the data transfer from more than 150 resources. It makes your work life very much comfortable. The participants can foster their skills using AI and BI training programs at Team Academy.