How to get Microsoft Power BI certification in Qatar?


Microsoft Power BI is a leader in the business analytics domain. Teams across businesses use the business intelligence and data analytics platform to make better business decisions. If you are a business analyst or planning to become one, you will come across this tool. Power BI training in Qatar is in high demand because most businesses depend on a large amount of data to make critical business decisions. This is why companies are willing to compensate well-qualified Power BI experts generously. 

If you want a competitive edge as a business or data analyst, Microsoft Power BI certification can provide you with the opportunity. Any career in data science will be benefited from learning this tool. If you are in Qatar, Team Academy can help you. We offer training courses in Qatar that are aimed at upskilling professionals. Our Power BI course is created to help you get skilled in developing business-critical dashboards. 

Here, we share a detailed guide on how to get Microsoft Power BI certification in Qatar.

The Power BI Microsoft certification details

Before we discuss anything about the Power BI training in Qatar, it is essential to know the exam. The Microsoft Power BI certification is officially called the Exam PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst. 

Power BI is a Microsoft data visualization application that transforms unrelated data from several sources into a coherent, insightful representation of meaningful information that you can utilize to make data-driven decisions. The functionalities of the Power BI software are vast, and you can perform several technical tasks with it, such as modelling data, preparing data, visualizing and analyzing data, and deploying and maintaining assets. However, to utilize its features, you must be competent at it. This is why Microsoft created this certification examination to validate the expertise and provide knowledgeable decision-making. 

Microsoft Power BI certification exam lasts 90 minutes and is available in several languages, such as English, Arabic, German, and Japanese. The examination fee is $165, which you will have to pay in US dollars. 

What should a Power BI course include? 

For the Microsoft Power BI certification, you must prepare for sections covering various software functionalities. The PL-300 exam tests your skills to create an end-to-end data-driven workflow.

The Power BI training in Qatar you choose must provide you following: 

Training in preparing data in Power BI

This is where you will learn how to Power BI interfaces and building blocks. Also, it must teach you how to import data from various sources of the business. Ultimately, you must be able to prepare, clean, transform, and load data in Power BI. 

Model data in Power BI

How to design a data model and create measures using the Data Analysis Expressions-DAX. Data model optimization is also included here. 

Visualize data in Power BI

It includes creating Power BI Data Visualizations, building data-driven stories with reports, and creating interactive dashboards.

Data analysis in Power BI

Here you practice how to perform data analysis and work with AI visuals.

Manage Workspace and Datasets in Power BI

Creating workspaces is one of the critical roles of a business analyst using Power BI. It also includes managing datasets and implementing row-level security.

Preparing for the exam

The final step in getting Microsoft Power BI certification is to prepare for the exam. The most efficient way is to take Power BI training from providers like Team Academy in Qatar. That being said, there are online resources available that can help you prepare for Power BI certification for free. However, these resources don’t provide a way to acquire the necessary skills. 

You don’t just need theoretical answers to the questions but must be able to deliver a Power BI project from start to end. That is what our Power BI course is aimed at. Our subject matter experts have created this course to provide you with knowledge of developing business-critical dashboards. You will be able to thoroughly understand the logic and sense behind the data retrieved from several sources. At the end of the course, you can present different types of data using Microsoft Power BI in different kinds of visuals. These are essential skills to facilitate strategic business decision-making with ease.Our Power BI training in Qatar can also help you build a portfolio demonstrating your skills and ability to perform data analysis.


Microsoft Power BI certification is a crucial accomplishment that can boost your career as a business or data analyst. Our training courses in Qatar are created to teach you the skills necessary to analyze and visualize data using Microsoft Power BI in a short time. If you are ready to take the next step in your career, this is the guide to getting Microsoft Power BI certified in Qatar.