How to apply for CFM Exam from Qatar?

Initial CFM Certifications:

The Facility Management Professional (FMP) certification is awarded by the IMFA through a training and exam program. Although it is not necessary for CFM certification, this credential can replace up to three years of professional experience for CFM criteria.

Candidates without a post-high school education are required to have eight years of relevant work experience; however, those who hold the FMP credential only need five years. The Certified Facility Manager course materials required to prepare for the knowledge-based FMP exam are all available through Team Academy.

Knowledge and Experience:

The CFM exam requires candidates to have at minimum some post-secondary education. Four years of work experience is required for individuals who hold the FMP credential in addition to a bachelor's or associate's degree in a subject unrelated to facilities management.

Three years of experience are required for those with a relevant bachelor's degree and an FMP. Those without an FMP require an extra year of experience in both situations. Whether or not they have FMP certification, graduates of bachelor's or master's degree programs that have been authorized by the IMFA must have three years of work experience prior to sitting for the CFM exam.

Information on Experience:

Candidates for the CFM exam must have completed at least some post-secondary coursework. The FMP credential requires a bachelor's or associate's degree in a field unrelated to facilities management, as well as four years of professional experience.

Those with an FMP and a related bachelor's degree must have three years of experience. In both scenarios, those without the need for an FMP need an additional year of work experience. Recipients of bachelor's or master's degree programs that have been approved by the IMFA must have three years of work experience before taking the CFM exam, regardless of whether they have FMP certification.

Examining Procedure:

The certified facility manage examination consists of 180 multiple-choice questions and is given by computer at a testing facility. It takes five hours to complete. The questions are built on precise, real-world scenarios associated with the particular fields in which expertise is required.

For instance, there can be inquiries about measuring the operation of new maintenance equipment budgeted for or about inventory methods for tracking assets in real estate. A practice test is one of the many study tools provided by Team Academy.

Steps to apply for CFM Exam:

Applying for your Certified Facility Manager credential involves just three simple steps.

Step 1: Determine Your Eligibility

Step 2: Get ready for the test

Step 3: Apply and sit for the test

Submission and Payment

  • Your CFM Application must be finished in the CAMP platform.
  • The CFM Registration Payment Form in its entirety in 3 months of approval.
  • Take the test.

Waiting to take the CFM

  1. Schedule your exam in a testing facility once you've been given the go-ahead, or exam remotely with a virtual proctor. To learn more, download our CFM Handbook.
  2. 180 multiple-choice questions must be answered in 4 hours.
  3. Pass/Fail assessment

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