How to apply for PMP Exam in Qatar?

The PMP certification offers two different types of degrees that you can apply for on your own. A second degree that may be described using a high school diploma, an undergrad degree, or a global equivalent exists in addition to a 4-year degree that is comprehensive and self-sufficient. Although both of these degrees are well-known and well regarded, the secondary degree requires more effort and is more in-depth.

Three or 36 months of experience in project management are needed for the four-year degree. Lastly, 35 hours of project management courses are required. You will need 4500 hours of experience leading or developing projects. The hours and years are stricter for the secondary degree; the years of experience in project management rise to 5 years or 60 months. Lastly, you will need to spend 35 hours on project management training. You will need to spend 7500 hours either leading or designing projects.

The three categories that best describe the eligibility requirements are as follows:

  1. Academic Education:
    This criteria is important since it shows what type of degree you have, such as a two- or four-year degree. The name of your school, your primary, and the year that you graduated must also be included.
  2. Project Management Experience:
    Just those experiences—either leading or developing projects—are taken into consideration. The projects must be cumulative over all the procedures and cannot overlap. Only activities and initiatives that have taken place over the previous eight years are considered.
  3. Project Management Education:
    You must offer at least 35 hours of in-person instruction in project management topics such planning, organizing, initiating, coordinating, controlling, and closing. Project management hopefuls can rely on the numerous training facilities and online training resources that are available.

It is advised not to submit a false application by fabricating the required details. The candidates are chosen through a random auditing procedure used by the PMI. The candidates must submit data when the audit is conducted in order to verify each and every requirement that was included with the online application. You will never again be eligible to get the PMI certification if you fabricate your accomplishments and are not able to provide adequate support for the data.

Registration Process for PMP Exam

A next step is to complete the PMP application once you have verified that you fulfill the eligibility rules. On the PMI website, the PMP registration form is accessible both online and in printable PDF format ( Filling out the application takes a lot of time . Project Experience must be listed in the application according to the process domains. It takes PMI 5 to 10 days to evaluate your registration once you submit it. PMI will email you to request payment after processing and confirming that your online application is complete.

Audit Process:

For the audit process, PMI randomly chooses a few applications. You will receive an email notifying you whether your application is chosen for audit. PMI will request the following supporting documentation during the audit process:

  1. certified copy of your secondary education or four-year degree.
  1. A copy of the certificate for 35 contact hours.
  1. Copies of the manager's or supervisor's signatures for each project included in the application's section for experience verification.

The above-requested documentation must be submitted within the 90-day window provided by PMI. Once PMI has all the required papers, the audit could take up to seven days. There are a few standard procedures you may follow to expedite the audit process and assure a successful audit.

You must include some details in your application for each project for which you mention your experience. This provides, among other things, the most recent info about your contact person for that project. The client, the project's principal stakeholder, your supervisor or director, or your project sponsor could all be this person's first points of contact. Earlier than entering this data

  1. Verify that the details you offer for this person's contact are correct.
  1. Your contact people are aware that you are citing the experience, so they can respond if you are selected for an audit.
  1. Another excellent practice is to keep a folder with all the supporting documentation for the claims you make in the application.

Once the application audit has been successfully completed, PMI will email you a message with your PMI qualification ID and information for scheduling the exam. You have a year from today to arrange the exam. Watch the video below to learn more about how to complete the application properly.

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