What is Prince 2 Certification? Is it worth it?

What is Prince 2?

Prince2 is a project management technique that the UK government first created as a standard for IT projects. Project managers from all industries are now widely using the project management technique, especially in the UK, Australia, and Western Europe. Principles, themes, processes, and the project environment make up the four components of the Prince2 approach.

Gaining a Prince2 Qualification Has Benefits

  1. Versatility

Every industry's project managers could use Prince2 for any project. Prince2 is an extremely adaptable approach since its seven guiding principles may be used on every project, regardless of its size, significance, or nature.

Why is it vital to be flexible?

Because it implies that your project management will always benefit from your Prince2 certifications. You can continue managing projects with your Prince2 certification no matter which organization you work for or what industry you are in.

  1. More Employment Options

There is no denying that earning a Prince2 certification will give project managers access to more employment prospects. Prince2 is utilized in 220 different nations. Since a result, having a Prince2 certification can improve your employment possibilities as you'll be able to apply for jobs all around the world.

  1. Salary Growth

Prince2 certification requirements typically lead to well-paying jobs. Professionals in Qatar who hold a Prince2 qualification make an average salary of QAR 294,000. Project management experts with a Prince2 qualification can seek well-paying careers in nations across all continents because the technique is adaptable and widely employed.

  1. Fast Completion

To achieve a Prince2 Foundation certification and a Prince2 Practitioner qualification, the majority of Prince2 students need to complete 30 to 50 hours of study. You won't need years to earn a Prince2 certification. However, you should plan to devote up to a year to your Prince2 studies if you're taking classes online and part-time.

  1. You'll Manage Projects More Effectively

You'll manage projects more successfully if you put Prince2's concepts to use. Even if you are experienced with some other project management approaches, learning the principles and practices of Prince2 will only strengthen your skills.

Certifications in Prince2

There are two Prince2 certificates that are required. Prince2 Practitioner is the high level certification, and Prince2 Foundation is the entry-level certification. Prior to moving on to the Prince2 Practitioner level, Prince2 Foundation must be finished.

Project managers have the option of pursuing the Prince2 Agile certifications, which integrate the Prince2 and Agile methodologies, in addition to the two normal Prince2 certificates. The Prince2 Agile program consists of Prince2 Agile Foundation and Prince2 Agile Practitioner, just as the typical certificates.


Project managers (and potential project managers) might benefit greatly from pursuing Prince2 certifications since they can boost their salaries and expand their job options. Any project can benefit from the project management certification known as Prince2. When you are completely qualified, you can seek project management employment in more than 220 nations throughout the world because to its flexibility. In comparison to other credentials, the time needed to earn a Prince2 accreditation is not so great. As a result, earning a Prince2 certification shouldn't significantly alter your present plans.

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