How to manage and handle the PMI PMP Auditing process



What are PMP audits and what do they serve?

Not all applicants for PMI certificates are subjected to the audit procedure. To maintain the high standard of the certification process, this procedure is required. Because certifications are trusted by employers, they must maintain their reputation.


Why Perform an Application Audit by PMP?

The PMP audit procedure's main advantage is that it thoroughly examines the eligibility of randomly chosen candidates. The PMP certifications have a set of prerequisites. To make ensuring these requirements are followed, the PMP audit procedure is used. As only qualified candidates are showing up for the tests, it increases the legitimacy of certification holders.


The PMP Audit Procedure in Steps

  1. You'll get a selection email if the audit team chooses your application.
  2. The email will provide all relevant information and instructions.
  3. You have 90 days to turn in the necessary papers for the PMP audit procedure.
  4. You must package and send the PMI audit materials to the address (PMI, Attn: Certification Audit, 14, Campus Blvd, Newtown Square, PA 197033299, USA).


Plan your PMP exam

Your application will be verified by the PMP audit team, which should take between five and ten days. Following receipt of your permission confirmation, you should pay the fee and book your exam session as soon as possible using the provided eligibility number. Keep in mind that after your audit is accepted, you will be eligible for your Certificate as of the very first day. Additionally, you will only have three chances to pass the test.


PMP Audit Method

You will receive a message containing the audit instructions if your application is chosen for the audit process. The procedures you must do in order to adhere with the audit process are listed below.

  1. Access the audit document from the PMI website for certification.
  2. The PMI audit documents that were included in the audit package should be printed.
  3. Send the required paperwork to the specified address through regular post or courier services in one envelope.
  4. How much time do I have to submit the PMP Audit's requested documents?
  5. You have a maximum of 90 days to provide the documents that are requested by PMI. You will be sent a confirmation sms with the qualifying number after passing the evaluation procedure.


How long will it take to finish the PMP audit?

The regularity with which the candidate responds to the mail with the necessary documents will determine how long it takes to finish the PMP audit procedure. Five business days are needed for PMI to finish the audit once they have the paperwork. The PMI will provide you with the exam schedule once you have successfully completed the audit procedure.


Tips to Shorten the Audit Process's Duration

The PMP audit process has strict criteria for applicants' work experience and educational background. Therefore, you should be aware of a few variables before completing your application form in order to speed up the procedure.

  1. Include all of your professional projects

Ensure that you complete even a minimal number of experience hours, whether you have worked on big or little projects, to save the time and effort it takes to verify your work experience.

  1. Fill out all of your details honestly

You'll be permanently barred from registering for the PMP certification if you gather fake data. Remember to get permission from the supervisors before accurately recording your expertise and effort for each project management process.

  1. React to the audit's request on the documentation's incompleteness

In rare circumstances, you can still alert the PMP with the relevant justifications if you are unable to submit all the required PMP audit materials. You won't face any consequences and can move through with your application without restriction. This will enable you to complete the audit more quickly and with less effort.