Is the PMP Exam Hard to Pass

Project Manager requirements are increasing every day across the industries in Qatar. With an increasing demand, the job opportunities are endless for a project manager. Even though the opportunities are higher, having a PMP certification makes it easy for you to win the race.

A PMP exam preparation requires consistency in studying and practice. A PMP certification is undoubtedly a step in the right direction if you want to achieve a career in project management. After completing a PMP training to get certified one should clear a PMP examination.

The PMP Certification is a validation of the skills and ability of its holder. To maintain credibility for this certification, PMI ensures that only professionals who have experience in project management and have an excellent understanding of project management concepts are awarded the PMP certification.

PMP does not publish the required percentage to pass the PMP exam. The percentage required to pass the exam is based on the difficulty level of that individual exam. So, you could pass even if you score below what you target and pass, or you could score high and still fail to meet the passing percentage.

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