Microsoft Power BI Certification: Step by Step Guide

The analytics tool Power BI (Business Intelligence) was created by Microsoft. Many professionals desire to expand their skill set and add BI certification to their resumes as the use of BI increases in the corporate sphere. You may get your Microsoft Power BI Certification off the ground with the aid of this blog.

We all live in a world that is centred around data. No matter how big or small, all businesses are moving towards analytics. As a result, data has become the surest path to corporate expansion and sustained client relationships.

Data by themselves are insufficient for analysis. It is reliant on a variety of technologies and services, Microsoft Power BI being one of them.


Describe Power BI. - A Background

A cloud-based business information and analysis service called Power BI is provided by Microsoft. It is a collection of tools, software services, and data linkages for business intelligence and data visualisation.

For data visualisation and analysis, Power BI imports datasets that experts can view and use. They are able to swiftly provide shareable reports, apps, and dashboards as a result.

The design of the Power BI tool is user-cantered. It has practical drag-and-drop capabilities and features that let users self-learn.

Microsoft offers a variety of Power BI platform components, including:

  • The desktop programme Power BI Desktop
  • SaaS Power BI Service (Software as a Service)
  • Platform for iOS and Android devices called Power BI Mobile
  • Users can publish Power BI reports to an on-premises report server after creating them through the desktop application.

The good news is that power BI can be set up on both on-premises and cloud-based platforms.

Users can access the necessary data sources and produce reports using Power BI Desktop. Once the report is complete, users can upload it to the Power BI Service so that end users can view and interact with the data.

Working with the Power BI Report Server is an option if you are not prepared to disclose the data outside of your company's network.

Power BI may be used quickly by people who don't consider themselves to be particularly tech-savvy. As long as you have access to the dashboard, the data sources, and a working network connection, Power BI can process the data, generate the necessary reports, and disseminate them to the right teams or individuals.

It is crucial to investigate the many employment alternatives open to eligible candidates after becoming proficient in Power BI.


What makes Power BI so crucial?

Let's discuss a few justifications for why Power BI is a vital tool and why we require it.

  • Power BI allows for direct access to data sources, enabling real-time analysis. Also, by renewing data, it offers the most recent information.
  • Personal visualisations are available in a visuals gallery that you can customise. There are numerous methods and types of custom visuals that can be created.
  • Users can quickly search for important insights and datasets inside your data using the Quick Insights tool.
  • Make an active or inactive connection to on-premises data sources like SQL Server using a secure path to access data through data gateways. Power BI is now enterprise-ready due to the secure data transfer offered by on-premises connectivity, as well as the technology's scalability and dependability.
  • You may connect Power BI to several services, like Microsoft Excel, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), and others.
  • Power BI, a cutting-edge piece of software, uses modern innovations including HTML 5.0, cloud computing, column store databases, mobile apps, and more. This keeps Power BI at the top of the list and well-liked due to the regular feature releases.


Why should I  obtain a Power-BI certification?

This is a query that any aspirant IT professional has. The following are possible justifications for earning a Microsoft Power BI certification.

Gaining Power BI certification might give you several opportunity to have a deeper understanding of the software. For you to perform your job well, you must be familiar with Power BI's specifics as a result of careful research and analysis.

Get Employer Attention: The second reason is that a Power BI certification can help your resume stand out. Professionals with such potent skills are often sought after by employers. A certificate can attest that you possess the abilities that the employer is looking for. It demonstrates your commitment to developing your career. Even if you aren't actively seeking for job right now, you might want to in the future because the future is unpredictable.

Earn More Money: Finally, obtaining a certification may result in higher compensation. Power BI certified professionals often make more money than their uncertified rivals. A Power BI developer in the United States makes an average pay of $81,514 per year, according to Glassdoor.


Strengths of Power BI

You should be aware of a few fascinating Power BI features as you study and look for training for the Power BI exam.


Interesting Visualizations/ personalized visualizations

Office 365 app launcher

Authoring interactive reports


GetData (Data sources)/data connections

Natural language Q & A box



Trend identifiers

Temporary analysis

Reports/ Temporary reporting

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

Content packs

Navigation pane

DAX functions and formula


Who Uses Power BI, and why?

There are four groups that you may classify Power BI users into based on why they use it.

1.The analysts

Power BI is used by analysts to create reports, dashboards, and data models. These reports are also examined by Power BI experts to uncover crucial data insights. An analyst can compile data from many sources using Power BI, establish a common dataset, and then clean up and prepare the data for use in reports and analysis.

2. Users in Business

Business users are the typical users who examine the reports and dashboards shared with them via the Power BI website or mobile app. Business users keep themselves updated so they can act fast on important decisions. Also, they can set up alerts for any anomaly or change in the data (if that happens).

3. IT specialists

The main issues that concern IT professionals are data security, scalability, and accessibility. They are also in charge of managing all Power BI users and services.

4. Programmers

The developers are responsible for all technological effort. Their main duties are creating reports, integrating Power BI with other apps, and creating customised visualisations for Power BI.


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