Microsoft Project: What Is It? Uses, Characteristics, and Cost

For many years, Microsoft Project was the most widely used project management tool. This is primarily due to the fact that team members and project managers were accustomed to using other Microsoft products, because Microsoft Project is the best alternative.

Microsoft continues to be a titan in this sector, despite challenges to its dominance and those who have outpaced it. Without mentioning Microsoft Project, no description of project management software would've been complete.

But what exactly is Microsoft Project, and what are its salient characteristics? So that you can decide if Microsoft Project is the best project management tool for you, let's examine it. If it doesn't fulfil all of your requirements, a Microsoft Project substitute can be a better option.

Microsoft Project Certification: What Is It?

To develop timetables, project plans, manage resources, and keep track of time, project managers utilise Microsoft Project. For project management experts, it contains features like Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and project calendars.

The current official name of the programme is Microsoft Project, but it is also referred to as MS Project or Project Professional. Project Online, Project Server, and Project for the Web are further Microsoft Project technologies with related names. By purchasing a Microsoft Project Plan membership, which comes in three different price categories, you can gain access to those items.

There is Project Manager, work and software for project management that is collaborative and allows you to work how you like, if you're seeking for a less priced and more flexible option. We provide a collaborative, user-friendly platform with numerous project views, unlike Microsoft Project. Managers may plan projects using Gantt charts or the sheets view, while teams can manage their work using Kanban boards, calendars, or detailed task lists. Start right now for nothing.

Views for Microsoft Project

Although its system is not nearly as collaborative as Project Manager's, Microsoft Project offers several perspectives for project managers and teams. Here is a brief explanation of the views MS Project provides.

Grid View:

A projects view used for task list-based project planning and management.

Board View:

A Kanban panel view that is visually appealing and useful for monitoring workflow and status.

Timetable View:

To schedule tasks over a project schedule, utilize the conventional Gantt chart.

Features of Microsoft Project

MSP provides a lot of the capabilities that project managers and their staff require to manage their work more effectively. Here is a summary of the main features offered to clients who are prepared to pay the money, though, so that you can get the entire picture.

Project Planning:

Use Kanban boards and Gantt charts for project planning. Compared to Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Project has far more advanced planning capabilities.

Communication and collaboration:

Teams can collaborate on projects through effective communication. Microsoft Teams is an alternative that offers a more affordable communication option.


Task lists and timetables are updated in collaboration with stakeholders and team members.


Pre-built statistics that can monitor resources, programmes, and portfolios as well as progress.


Track projects and program portfolios on the roadmap.


Gather project & non-project time for billing and payroll.

Resource management:

It involves requesting and allocating tasks to manage resources.

Microsoft Project's benefits:

Nothing is flawless. Microsoft Project itself has flaws. If you're considering giving it a try, think about the advantages and disadvantages first. .


1. Because it's a Microsoft product, it interfaces with Office 365, Skype, and SharePoint, as well as other offerings from the firm. 2. Its user interface is similar to that of other MS products.
3. It has existed for a while, and throughout time, its features have changed.
4. Because it is a part of Microsoft, it benefits from the stability and support that come with a well-known brand.
5. Project managers can estimate budgets with the aid of financial management tools in this system.
6. It is available with a desktop application licence. Even while this could make it look more archaic, some businesses still favour this over a cloud option.
7. It helps users get started quickly by providing templates.

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