Power BI - A Comprehensive Overview Based on Data Analyst Role

If you are considering making your career in Business Intelligence Data Analysis, you are at the right place to know who they are. What are their responsibilities and what do they need to have as skills? In short, BI Data analysts are those who collect the critical data of an organization, clean them, and conclude results. After all findings, the analysts have to suggest a better solution for critical problems which helps the business grow and is also good for the company's success.

BI data analysts can work in various industrial sectors such as business, science, medicine, criminal justice, and finance. BI data analysts' prime responsibility is finding solutions related to business clients. The personnel is responsible for communicating the interpretations to stakeholders and the management of an organization.

Job Description of BI Data Analyst:


The job description of Business Intelligence Data Analyst involves the collection of data, analysis, and sharing of data with targeted audiences. All these tasks permit you to move towards better steps that have a great impact on the progress of the organization.


The data analysis steps for each data involve data collection from sources such as industry reports, purchased reports, filed reports, and public information. In this way, you need to update your skills and knowledge regarding emerging technological and marketing trends.

    • Keep the data stored in the database of the organization's computer, which needs consistent updates. Besides, you should set up operational procedures to use the data and give technical support such as maintenance of software for any novel programs.
    • Examine data to find out any trends and strategies that can help to grow your business.
    • Use the analytical reports to support your suggestions for promoting and growing the organization.
    • Making Analytical reports, conclusions of findings, and conducting to the organization stakeholders using communications.
    • It is the whole process and you have to work with various people including both inside the organization and outside of it. Besides, you will be responsible for maintaining means of communication and information, to collect, identify, and summarize the data without delay.

Skills Required to Become a BI Data Analyst:

If you want to be successful in this post, you must have these skills:

      • The personnel should have the ability to critical thinking.
      • He should interpret the data and listen with all ears and understanding of the problems
      • He should have the ability to analyze the data properly, organize it easily, and presenting to others in a meaningful way.

Some other essential skills which HR wants to have in the candidates include:

      • Creative problem-solving.
      • Critical thinking
      • Marketing and predictive analytics.
      • Machine learning.
      • Data managing and visualization.

Degrees Requirement to Become Successful Business Intelligence Data Analyst

To become a successful BI Data Analyst and to make a fruitful decision for the business, a complete understanding of every step is compulsory. You have to join a couple of online programs via the W.P. Carey School of Business. You can gain complete basic knowledge and required skills in this field. The ASU online programs include:


      • Bachelor of Science in Business Data Analytics: It is an undergraduate program that helps you to get ready for creating and managing big data initiatives. You will learn how to associate business processes to avail data analytics of large-scale businesses in companies. The coursework of this program includes all from dimensional modeling and data warehousing to bulk data analytics strategies and predictive analytics.



      • Master of Science in Business Analytics: This program provides you nature of universal thinking, and prepares you to cope with big and complicated data. You will learn the impact on business facets, obtain value from modeling, and data-driven analyses, and make complicated business advantages.


BI Data Analyst Salary

One should know that BI Data Analysts are truly in high demand. It is considered the second-world economic forum in the US. Besides, the Bureau of Labor Statistics issued a report on occupations, which shows that this specific category has extremely high growth rates among all. According to 2023, the estimated job salary of a BI Data Analyst is $70,000. But it mostly depends on the location, seniority, and many other factors.