Power BI- For Project Management Analytics

According to recent research, about 59% of project managers can handle three to five projects simultaneously. In this way, about 11% are handling more than ten projects. It becomes difficult and time-consuming to work with various projects and teams. In the end, you can't t go with the upgrading of all running projects.

As a result, it becomes important to select some efficient tools for project management that can process all the related projects. BI is one of the most efficient tools for this purpose. Now it become quite handy to create dashboards to interact in real-time with the data of the project.


How Power BI Makes Business Project Management Convenient?

BI comprises many specifications that can help you in easy management, particularly for numerous projects.


  1. Create Personalized Dashboards

BI dashboards are also known as a canvas of the graphical presentation of your data. It helps you to gain the best insight and interact with the results in the processing of your projects.

Besides, you can make many dashboards for various people including stakeholders, project managers, and executives. The requirement can be fulfilled by a Business Intelligence account to sight any appliance.

Whether the dashboard gives single-page visualization, it helps the team members and project managers to keep things on a one-page track. There are significant advantages of making dashboards related to project management, these include:


Enhancement of Collaboration Flow:

With the help of dashboards, the project stakeholders can know the status of every project. Besides, they can also participate well in all projects and their expected results.


Enhancement of Team Engagement:

Another advantage of dashboards is that they can help the team with project-related outcomes by showing key metrics. It greatly assists in good team engagement which directly leads to improvement of project outcomes.


Aligning Concerns:

It is the prime need of all project members to arrange their top Priorities along with the goals of the organization. In this way, the dashboard assists the project manager to display the contribution of each team along with the costs and revenues of the company. It results in better project prioritization and resource management.


So, by generating a BI project portfolio dashboard, the Project managers can be capable of viewing the effect of the various projects in a place. Either there are numerous templates of  Microsoft project dashboard, from which you can select or there is always something beneficial for all types of projects.


  1. Enrich Data through Custom Visualizations

If you want to have close and deep insights into any project, it is possible with the built-in custom visuals editor. You can make custom visuals. On the other hand, you can have the option of importing visuals from your device gallery. Additionally, you can get the help of Microsoft Excel to summarize your data.

There are some other visuals that you can get from Power BI. These include sunburst charts, histograms, maps, treemap charts, waterfall, line of business apps, and scatter plot matrices. Besides, you can have the option of custom visuals which play a significant role in data analysis and can help you to change or edit your data the way you like to see it.



  1. Generate Insightful Reports

The prime advantage of Power BI includes the making of important insight reports of the project. With the help of the Power BI built-in report builder feature, you can make interactive dashboards. In this way, you will be able to make reports according to the requirements of different project teams and managers of your organization. Some known reports templates that you can find in Power BI are table, column, and matrix.


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Final words:

It concludes that BI can help you in Project portfolio management. The participants of this program can Foster their skills by taking AI, and BI programs from Team Academy.