Tips for the Power BI Support Channel in Microsoft Teams

Power BI is the most widely used business intelligence tool. It has users across industries and even individuals who use Power BI to make sense of data with insightful representation. If you offer Power BI applications to end users or use them within your organizations, then there must be instances where you need to provide support at several levels. At big organizations, it can fast become the official support desk task. As part of Power BI training in Qatar, Team Academy provides insight into using other Microsoft tools collaboratively to offer support and assistance when needed.

A large number of businesses use Microsoft Teams to create specialized support channels. With Teams, users can easily find answers to their queries and get speedy resolutions to their problems. This article will explore how you can create a successful Power BI support channel with Microsoft Teams.


Why Power BI support channel? 

Power BI is a sophisticated tool, so users often ask for help or assistance. Having a dedicated channel to offer support is beneficial. You can connect a reliable set of users with knowledge and proficiency in Power BI to assist users with their requirements. 

When an organization adopts Power BI, it expects its decision-making process to become faster. To enable teams to use the tool for proficient insights into data, it is imperative to provide support when needed. Many companies set up User Support Hubs to create a team to help with Power BI-related issues. This saves time as people facing difficulties with Power BI can reach out to the team with the relevant information rather than posting their problem to the project channel. 


Support Queries  

More than just creating a Microsoft Teams support channel is required; users must be able to ask questions appropriately. Only some users who run into an issue will be professionals with a Microsoft Power BI certification. Unacquainted users mostly frame questions in a manner that needs to provide more information to make a response. This causes frustration for the support team as they have to follow up several times.

The best practice is to develop a question template that will assist people in asking questions more effectively. Creating and posting such templates in the channel wiki will provide easy access to this information. The support team can also offer a link to the wiki for reference. It will also help to prioritize queries that follow the guidelines given in the template higher than those that ask poorly constructed questions.


Create a question template  

Support queries that are created correctly significantly improve the response time. So what must a helpful question template contain? The choice will depend on the type of access you support and your business models, but here is a general question template you can use.


Explain business needs

Ask the user to provide background on the issue, including the affected reports and datasets. Describe the issues as closely as possible.


Expected behavior

What is the desired result that the user is not able to produce?



Provide more details on the issue you are facing and include the measures you have already attempted to solve the issue.



Provide the code examples using Microsoft Teams' "code snippet" function.



Attach any images or screenshots that will better demonstrate the issues you are experiencing.

This is a sample question template; you can include more fields depending on your requirements.


Tag lists

Encourage using Tag within Microsoft Teams, which allows you to mention a particular individual. Users who need Power BI support can use Tag lists to make a specific person aware of the issue they are facing rather than posting it to the channel, which notifies everyone participating in that channel. Using Tag lists, the messages can be directed to relevant individuals and save time for others. For instance, if there is a "DAX Experts" Tag list, users can tag their questions to that list rather than asking for support from the entire BI team. This way, DAX specialists will be notified of the issue, and they can provide an accelerated response to the queries.



Power BI support channels can further improve teams' productivity and facilitate decision-making. These tips will help you create a Power BI support channel that remains organized, and users can find resolutions to their problems faster.

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