What are the Career Paths After ITIL Certification?

ITIL Certification has grown in popularity among professional programs in recent years. The inclusion of ITIL among the top 15 highest-paying certifications in Qatar in 2018 attests to this consensus. ITIL certified professionals have an advantage over other workers or job seekers because ITIL services are required by a wide range of organizations involved in the IT sector. As a result, ITIL experts are in high demand in any IT organization.

Despite the growing popularity of the ITIL, prospective students have some reservations about the career paths that await them. After having read this brief article, the reader will have an overall understanding of current job market for ITIL trained experts in Qatar. In the managed services industry, ITIL methodologies are widely used. The most commonly expected roles after obtaining ITIL Certification are occurrence consultant, start changing coordinator, problem analyst, and so on.


Role of ITIL certification in Software Engineering :

Software creation and maintenance are two critical aspects. Maintenance is concerned with maintenance and management tasks after the application has been completed and is trying to run, whereas software development is concerned with making new applications within the time constraints set by project management. For software maintenance, the ITIL framework is critical.

An ITIL certified professional will excel in maintainability, IT support, infrastructure management, and service management.

Types of Certifications:

  1. ITIL Beginner:

The ITIL certification tests the basic understanding of the fundamental ideas, terms, roles, and processes.

  1. Intermediate:

ITIL Intermediate assesses applicants' functional service management analysis skills.

  1. ITIL Masters:

This evaluation will evaluate your ability to creatively disassemble and reassemble things.

  1. ITIL Expert:

This credential bears witness to your professionalism and knowledge of the ITIL framework.Only about 35 people in the world have reached the best level of ITIL certification, recognized as ITIL Masters.

  1. ITIL Certified Professionals' Employment Market:

In terms of the job market, the following list of positions is based on your industry experience and should be considered:

Beginner (0–7 years of experience)

    IT service management for beginners

    Jobs in MNCs related to IT infrastructure

    Technical support, help desk engineer, analyst for service delivery, etc

Achievement at Mid - Level ( More than 7 Years of Experience )

    Jobs with greater responsibility and managerial responsibilities, such as IT Service Delivery Manager, Release Manager, Incident or Problem Manager, and Service Desk Manager.



As a result of such extensive infrastructure knowledge, roles like:

Independent ITIL Trainer Consultant

Even though you can take the ITIL exam and pass it regardless of your professional experience, there might not be many job opportunities for you if you lack an IT background. But if you want to work in application maintenance and management or already do, this certification is perfect for you.


Final Words:

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