What are the Steps to Fill the PMP Application Form?

Have you made up your mind to pursue the PMP credential? Yes? Great! Have you completed the 35 hours of required project management training? Fabulous! Then what? You must now determine how to complete the PMP application form. It's more complicated than it seems. You must complete the form carefully and accurately, thinking like a project manager. You can learn how to do it from this blog. Here, we'll be describing the entire procedure step-by-step, from finding the form on the site to submitting the completed form at the end.


Accessing the form

Click the "Certification" link in the top-left corner of the PMI website (www.pmi.org). Choose PMP® under "Get Certified" after clicking the link. You will be taken to a screen where you must input your PMI account information after clicking "Apply Now." You may quickly sign up for an account if you don't already have one. You are now prepared to begin completing the application. Please be aware that PMI allows you a 90-day timeframe in which to work on and finish the form. You will have to begin the form filling process over if you are not able to submit it within that time frame.


Address and educational information

Even though this is common knowledge that you have probably repeated numerous times before, you must take additional care when filling out this form. 20% of the forms that PMI receives are selected for audit, and if your form is one of those 20%, it just takes a small inaccuracy for it to be denied. Please be sure to update your information with the right information, and include the names of your alma maters precisely as they appear on your certificates. You will be expected to present your credentials in the event of an audit, therefore while filling out the form, enter the percentage marks precisely as they are.


Working knowledge

This part of the form could seem challenging, but if you can communicate clearly and organize your information, you can quickly manage it. The eligibility requirements related to various educational backgrounds are expressly stated on the form. Here, you must confirm that you have successfully finished your 35-hour project management training and that you are in possession of all necessary documentation.

Make sure you have the current phone numbers for all the project leaders and mentors whose names must be listed on the form before you begin filling out the experience sheet. To ensure that there is no discrepancy that could damage your prospects of enrolment in case of an audit enquiry, make sure you clarify how you want to document your involvement under numerous projects with each of the project heads/mentors. The experience worksheet has two components. You must list the names of the companies you have worked for as well as your positions at each of these companies when you are documenting your job experience.

You will be taken to a worksheet with five main components for filling out the project management experiences section: starting the project, preparing the project, carrying out the project, project control, and closing the project. Under each of the project's five phases, you must keep a record of your previous project and your time commitment. Although it is not required, including project management-related phrases like scope, clients, risks, constraints, assumptions, deliverable, closure, archives, status updates, etc. will make your form appear more professional.


Project overlap situation

Many candidates express anxiety about this section when filling out the application. If you worked on many projects that were similar in length, you can separately list the hours you spent on each project, but you cannot include the months again.

Here's an illustration: If Project 1 ran from January 2021 to December 2021 and Project 2 ran from July 2021 to December 2021, you can individually track project hours for each project during the overlapping months of July and December but you cannot separately track project hours during separate months. In this situation, you are only allowed to record your experiences as lasting 12 months, not 12 + 6 = 18 months.

You will be directed to a page where you must enter your description of the project within 550 characters after successfully filling out the experience information and earning the necessary number of hours to meet your eligibility requirements. When writing the summary, be sure to incorporate elements of each of the five project management phases. You will be needed to enter information about your project management studies after completing the experience sheet.

You must carefully read the Terms & Conditions section before selecting "I accept" at the bottom of the form. Expect a response after roughly five days, as that is how long PMI typically takes to process the paperwork. Print a copy of your final form as well. You will require the downloaded form in order to double-check all the information you have provided in case your form is picked for an audit.

The procedure of filling out the PMP form ends with this step. After that, all you have to do is sit back and wait for PMI's clearance, at which point your project management profession will quickly soar to incredible heights.