What is Primavera P6 Certification and who gives the best Primavera certification in Qatar?

What is Primavera P6?

The project management tool Oracle Primavera P6 is used for organizing, managing, and carrying out your project work. It is made to handle both big and little projects in a variety of different industries, including manufacturing, IT, construction, and energy. It has been doing so in projects all across the world for far more than 30 years.

Primavera P6 dates back to 1983, when Primavera Systems, the company that would later become it, was founded. It would quickly increase in popularity over the ensuing fifteen years. The firm split Primavera systems into 2 versions of the software during the late 1990s as a result of developments in server technology: a desktop programme (which is favoured by contractors, suppliers, and manufacturing companies) and a web-based enterprise solution.

Who provides the best Primavera P6 certification in Qatar?

If you are more interested in developing your career with a Oracle Primavera P6 certification, then Team Academy is the best place for you. TEAM ACADEMY offers professional training on Primavera P6 V29 for Professionals in project management planning and governance field. This course is suitable for people engaged in project management governance including the project manager and the project management team. Team Academy’s RMP Certification is conducted in Doha, Qatar.

Team Academy’s Primavera P6 certification Features:

  • Top teachers deliver in-depth instruction, practical exercises, and high-energy workshops.
  • Training starts with a new perspective using fundamental, distinctive courses that are adaptable and engaging.
  • The training curriculum contains a number of lab projects that were created using real-world business settings.
  • Practicing comprehensive hands-on lab tasks from basic to intermediate, and eventually advanced, till you master.
  • These sessions include evaluation, comments, and advice on how to address pressing problems in a live scenario once you've been hired.
  • Trainers who are highly qualified, certified, and accredited.
  • Individualized assistance from the Trainer.

Team Academy’s Primavera P6 Course Benefits:

  • Discover the top project management techniques.
  • Streamline the entire process of allocating work, maintaining deadlines, and tracking projects.
  • Even when you are in the middle of executing your project, you can accurately construct your estimates with Primavera P6.
  • Narrows gives them the capacity to focus more intently, complete their tasks, and raise their success rate and deliverability.
  • Dividing up complicated projects.
  • Lengthy hands-on workshop for learning.
  • To keep your PMP certification current, earn PDUs.

Who is the issuing Authority of Team Academy’s Primavera P6 Certification?


The Austin, Texas-based Oracle Corporation is a multinational American company that specialises in computer technology. provides a competitive advantage by assisting individuals and businesses in gathering, organising, and visualising data. a provider of computing infrastructure and software over the cloud that enables innovation, unlocks efficiencies, and boosts productivity for businesses worldwide. To help manage and secure the data of our customers, we also developed the first and only autonomous database in the world.

Final Thoughts:

All the above discussions are associated with Primavera P6 certification If you are really interested in a Primavera P6 career, then join the Primavera P6 course offered by Team Academy, Doha, Qatar. We assure you 100% quality in your Primavera P6 certification. Our outstanding quality in training makes you stand out as a highly skilled professional. For exploring Team academy’s Primavera P6 certification, click on the below link.