Benefits of PMP certification in Qatar Job Market

In the widely growing job market of Qatar, having a PMP certification leads you to various achievements in a really quick time with a very less efforts. Us Team Academy is the Best PMP training center in Qatar, so by taking a PMP course from us will make you stand out in the crowd with a best project management Knowledge.

Now let’s jump into the benefits of PMP certification in Qatar job market

  1. It has been noticed in Qatar that PMP is the dominant method and is way more popular. Reasons being – good marketing, the influence of organizations operating here, and the skills these organizations require for hiring.
  1. The requirements for project managers in Qatar is very high. In Qatar the top job roles for a PMP certified professional include Project manager, Strategy Project Manager, Development Project manager, Construction Manager and so on.
  1. In Qatar various top companies that hires project mangers keeps PMP certification as their top most priority. Hence having a PMP certification from the best PMP training center like Team Academy will be of greater benefits in your career growth.
  1. According to the Job Growth and Talent Gap report from 2017 to 2027 there will be 1.9 million to 2 million project management jobs in Project Oriented Industries, which proves that there will be more requirements for certified project managers in Qatar.
  1. Lastly having a Project Management certification from Team academy will assure that you will earn so much more. According to a recent survey by Indeed it resulted that the national average salary for Project Manager is QAR 16,064 per month in Qatar.

As of now we have gained a knowledge about the various ways in which a PMP certification is useful for us in Qatar. Team Academy offers you the industry best standard in PMP certification.

We assure you 100% quality with Industry Best PMI certified Trainers.