Why is PMP Certification & Training important for achieving career goals?

Project Management Professional or PMP certification is undisputed proof of a professional’s project management skills and expertise. A globally accepted certification, PMP can get you career opportunities with some of the largest and known brands in the world, credibility, and increase your income multifold. Unsurprisingly, many professionals seek reliable PMP certification training to post their career opportunities.

Usually, people think PMP certification is only for the software industry, but it’s a myth. An individual with PMP certification can work in virtually any industry. Today, several online courses with certificates help you easily acquire PMP certification. This article is for you if you are unaware of how this certificate course can help you achieve your career goals.
Here are some main reasons you should go for PMP certification training and become a certified professional.

Reasons why a PMP Certification is important for your career

1. Credibility

If your resume mentions PMP is an acquired skill, you can easily impress potential employers. Certified professionals stand out from the crowd of other candidates for several reasons. PMP-certified professionals have the skill set, experience, and knowledge and portray a desire for lifelong learning, which employers want in a candidate.

PMP certification cost should be one of many considerations for beginners starting their career in project management. PMP certification training gives you professional skills and the ability to strategies and plan for long-term goals. Even if you are a working professional, a PMP certification will add to your qualifications and help you grow as a project manager.

2. Career Growth

According to a Project Management Institute report, industries will need over 87.7 million project managers by 2027. To become part of this fast-growing domain easily, you can attain your PMP certificate. It will help you get recognition, and you will be hired a lot faster. Furthermore, the demand for PMP project managers is much greater than the opportunities available for agile project managers, agile coaches and PMI-ACPs.

As the PMP certification course is globally recognised and is accepted across several industries, you will get many high paid job opportunities. Additionally, PMP certification training is an excellent opportunity for networking with other professionals. As you will come in contact with several project managers from several industries, finding better career opportunities will become much easier.

3. You learn critical skills

Project managers are not scarce; they are hundreds and thousands of project managers in every industry. When you go through PMP certification training, you are not only preparing for a certification that will make you stand out of the crowd but also learning essential skills.

PMP certification has high standards, so it is only possible to clear the examination with extensive preparation. It is not a theoretical course but demands that candidates have practical project management knowledge. You must learn several hard and soft skills to attain a PMP certificate. You will build an understanding of critical and fundamental project management processes, tools, techniques, and methodologies.

Furthermore, you’ll learn the best practices and current trends in the project management domain. While your experience can teach you the same concepts, it will take time as you go through several projects. This Certification Courses provides the same experience in much less time. You save a lot of time that you can invest in getting better jobs for career growth.

4. Contributes to higher income

One of the main reasons why projects manager goes after PMP certification is high salary prospects. The salary of certified project managers is considerably higher than other industry candidates. According to a PMI survey, the average median wage of PMP-certified project managers is $ 1,08,000, which is higher than non-certified project managers, who earn around $91,000.

This trend can be seen worldwide as the industry prefers certified project managers. Across all nations, including middle eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, PMP-certified project managers are much better than other candidates. As PMP remains one of the highest-paid IT certification courses, the trend is expected to continue for the next several years.

Job security is another aspect of PMP certification. As we witness mass layoffs across industries, becoming certified acknowledges you as a competent professional and provides specific job security.

Get PMP Certified to boost your career

The PMP certification can improve your skills and significantly boost your career prospects. Team Academy offer PMP certification training online, so preparing for the exam is no longer challenging. If you are planning to start a career in project management or want to switch, PMP certification can make you stand apart. It adds value to your resume, gets you global recognition, and you’ll learn essential project management skills that make you a valuable candidate. Whether you aim to increase your salary or find better job opportunities, PMP certification is the way to follow.