Project Management Professional or PMP, as it’s popularly known, is a renowned certification program offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The value of the PMP certification program is because it’s a challenging exam with a significantly lower passing percentage than other certification training courses. As a PMP exam center in Qatar, Team Academy is aware of the requirements of a winning plan for successfully passing the exam.  

We have helped over 4000 aspirants to clear PMP certification in Qatar successfully. In this post, we will share the winning plan you can use to prepare for the PMP certification exam.


Assimilate the PMBOK® guide 

No matter what you might listen to about the exam, the PMP certification exam is primarily based on the information in the PMBOK® guide. It is surprising how many students are ignorant of this fact. As a PMP exam center in Qatar, we understand the importance of familiarising the concepts and methodologies included in this guide. 

You must schedule a plan to cover one knowledge area every week. PMBOK guide is an excellent reference point for every possible topic that can be asked in the PMP certification exam. You must complete this guide before you move on to other learning resources. If you memorize the entire guide, do not think you can crack the exam. The PMP exam is concept-based, so it’s essential to understand the concepts, principles, and ideas. You must answer with a description and understand the concepts to solve the problems. 


Determine the target  

The training courses can help you prepare for the exam. However, you must determine an attainable target to pass the PMP exam. To create an effective study plan, you must weigh all the options depending on schedule, availability, and resources. You will need at least four months to prepare for PMP certification if you are a full-time professional. 

Team Academy’s Project Management Professional course can significantly help working professionals. We have created this interactive online PMP training in Qatar to help candidates learn independently. All instructors are PMI-authorized training partner instructors with more than two decades of experience in the industry. This course will also qualify you for 36 Pre-Approved PDU requirements from PMI.  

A training program is optional, but compared to free online learning resources, it offers better quality and helps you maintain a learning schedule. Apart from online training, you must plan for at least six hours of self-study each week. 


Pick some good PMP® prep books  

Online learning resources are good, but books are much better for preparing for the PMP certification exam. You must pick some good PMP preparation books depending on which aspect of learning you want to focus on. Some could authors are Andy Crowe and Rita Mulcahy. The PMP exam is more challenging than any other certification exam because the questions are not theoretical but based on real-life cases. You must demonstrate an understanding of project management principles and methodologies in your answers. 

Books can provide you with the knowledge necessary to answer such questions. For example, a challenge will be to include tools, techniques, and outputs for each process in your answers. The books can help you understand the basics of any project management process. This will put you in a better position to answer correctly. There is so much information that you cannot memorize everything that can be asked in the PMP certification exam. This is why it’s necessary to focus on understanding the concepts and principles; books explain them well. 


Take practice exams  

Practice is essential for any exam, not just the PMP certification exam. It would help if you practiced as many questions as possible to understand the domains that need preparation. We recommend against using the free PMP online mock tests. Most of these tests must be updated or have correct answers or rationales. As mentioned, free resources need more quality and correctness and can also guide you inappropriately, derailing your study plan.  

Team Academy provides mock tests to candidates during PMP training in Qatar. Our instructors keep updating these tests with the most relevant questions based on several factors, such as industrial upgrades and changing technological requirements. Also, all the answers are thoroughly reviewed for correctness and comprehensively explain their rationale. Students who consistently score over 70% during mock examinations can perform well during actual PMP certification exams. Although it is not a formal observation, we have seen students fall under this pattern. This is why you must target at least 70% during practice exams. 



This PMP certification study plan will help you prepare well. Team Academy is a PMP exam center in Qatar offering several training courses to working professionals. You can check out our certification courses to improve your skills.