Project Management Professional or PMP certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) is arguably the most recognized credit. If you aspire to become a project manager, this certification can be a valuable addition to your skills. PMP-certified project managers are in huge demand across industries. 

Team Academy has created the ultimate course for PMP certification in Qatar to cater to the increasing demand for PMP certification training. We will discuss more of our PMP certification course later in the post. 

 If you have decided to take PMP certification training, you are on the right track to becoming a valuable employee for your company and enjoying higher salaries. Here we list the top 10 reasons you must be PMP certified. 


1. PMP is a globally accepted accreditation 

The project managers who successfully earn PMP certification become part of the league of global professionals who can explore career opportunities worldwide. As a globally acknowledged certification, it helps you showcase your skills and expertise to global employers across industries. Furthermore, PMP-certified managers become part of the elite network of PM experts. 


2. Better job security  

The supply of PMP-certified project managers must be higher and sufficient to meet the increased demand. This provides better job security for several years to come. PMP certification in Qatar is a recognized standard for hiring project managers at some of the largest companies in industries like petroleum, chemical, real estate, and energy. PMP is one of the few online courses with certificates that proves your constant training and continuing education. It demonstrates that you are a competent employee. 


3. Boosts your career  

If we look at the salaries of project managers with PMP certification in Qatar, they draw 20% higher pay on average than non-certified project managers. Not only salary, but this accreditation also puts you at the top of the list for future promotions and growth in ranks. 


4. Better job opportunities  

According to a survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers, almost 80% of high-profile projects throughout industries hire managers with the PMP certification. This indicates the importance of this certification to work at some of the best companies. Another study by PMI found that 35% of PMP-certified project managers demonstrate higher degrees of project performance. These are why some of the best job opportunities are reserved for PMP-certified project managers. 


5. A better company culture  

With PMP project managers at the helm, companies can improve the overall quality of the teams. Project managers are essential for the smooth functioning of day-to-day operations at any company. By hiring certified project managers, companies ensure they have talent that aligns with their vision and culture. This contributes to the growth and success of the companies. 


6. Enhanced project management skills 

PMP certification training teaches you skills that make you efficient at handling projects. To pass the certification exam, you must demonstrate knowledge and expertise in all the five project management processes-initiation, planning, execution, monitoring/controlling, and closing. During the training program, we teach candidates to utilize project management best practices to create a highly standardized and detailed action plan. 


7. Utility across Industries 

As mentioned before, PMP certification is globally recognized and acknowledged across industries. As a PMP-certified project manager, you can look for opportunities in IT, finance, retail, telecom, business processing, manufacturing, and many more industries. 


8. It makes you ready for change  

Often people who want to pursue PMP certification in Qatar are responding to market changes. An excellent effect of PMP certification training is that you become highly adept at identifying market changes and opportunities. This is how you become ready for any change in your industry. 


9. PMP project managers are recession-proof 

The economies have never been this unstable ever before. While the global economies are growing at a constant pace, they are downturns and recessions affecting the companies and hiring rates. However, several market studies have shown that PMP-certified project managers have a degree of insurance against a recession because of their skills. PMPs have strong and transferable core competencies that make them valuable candidates even during a recession. 


10. Best for long-term professional gains  

 You can take the PMP certification exam for around $ 555. When you compare the cost with all the advantages on the career growth front, such as credibility, reliability, access to new job opportunities, and higher salaries, it’s a relatively inexpensive investment for long-term professional gains. 



PMP certification is a valuable credit that can increase your employability multifold. Team Academy offers online courses with certificates for professionals to improve their careers. Our Project Management Professional course is delivered by PMI-authorized training partner instructors with over 20 years of experience in providing PMP certification training. 

Furthermore, we are also an authorized PMP exam center in Qatar. We fully understand the certification exam requirements, so we have a 100% passing rate.