How can you become a Certified Construction Manager?

You need many years of relevant experience and the credentials to support it in order to qualify as a certified construction manager. Construction work and construction as a profession are becoming more viable, and it is becoming more and more common to need credentials to enter and advance.

Although not always necessary, having a bachelor's degree in a relevant subject like construction management, engineering, or architectural style is advantageous. For instance, if you have expertise as a construction worker, your years of employment will attest to your expertise in the field and position you well for management.

These programs will cost money, but funding is available through COOL programs. You will be recognized as a Certified Construction Manager once you have earned the qualification, and you will have the documentation to prove it!

When employing a construction manager, the majority of employers will consider these credentials and experience. Expertise working in the construction industry for a number of years is sufficient; it need not necessarily be in a management capacity. Prior to becoming a construction manager, some certs and employers prefer candidates to have eight years of relevant experience, though this is not a strict requirement.

Aside from the necessary qualifications, there are a number of skills you'll need to have in order to become a certified construction manager. You must possess exceptional customer service, technical construction, and time management skills. To complete effective construction work that pleases your clients, you will need to organize yourself and others, so make sure you are knowledgeable in these areas.

Fortunately, most of these abilities can be acquired as your career advances, paving the way for your success as a licensed construction manager.


How long will it take to become a certified construction manager?

Depending on the certification they are pursuing and their experience, becoming a certified construction manager takes a different amount of time. For the CPC certification, for instance, you must have eight years of work experience before you can start the qualification process.

Candidates are expected to have eight years of experience in order to pass the written examination, where they will be required to explain the application and offer an analysis of construction methods.

However, you only need four years of work experience in the field before pursuing the management qualification if you already hold a relevant Bachelor's degree in it (architecture, construction management, etc.

The length of the courses varies depending on whether you take them full-time or part-time; the most popular qualification, Certified Construction Manager, requires about 1-2 years to complete.

You must keep track of your administration or supervisory role hours and provide documentation of them. Before enrolling in the course, it is recommended that you discuss these with your present workplace so they can support you and make the necessary arrangements.

You will still require proof of these hours if you freelance or own your own business, so it's best to get in touch with the inspecting body for advice that is customized to your situation. You can take the test after completing this experience.

We do, however, advise that you schedule time to study and get ready for the test. You have the option to do this while finishing your experience or set aside time to prepare.

Making notes about your experiences will help you study for the test and gain the required experience, in our opinion. Additionally, it ensures that you won't forget anything and that you can apply your exam to actual experiences you've had as a manager or supervisor.

A variety of topics are covered in the 4 hours (240 minutes) that make up the CCM exam. You will be required to respond to inquiries about the following subjects:

  1. Professional Program and Project Management Cost Management
  2. Risk Control Contract Management
  3. Quality Control
  4. Safety Administration
  5. Managing Time Sustainability

The exam is made to test your practical knowledge and determine whether you are aware of all the risks and factors that must be taken into account when managing construction work. The amount of time and practical work needed will vary based on the accreditation you are pursuing, but you can anticipate that these topics will be covered.

It’s important to remember that in order to keep your certification current and valid after passing your exam and receiving recognition as a certified construction manager, you will be required to renew it periodically.


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