What is CFM Certification?

Building managers can obtain the International Facility Management Association's Certified Facility Manager credential, or CFM certification (IFMA). Because it illustrates that a facility manager does have the skills and education needed to handle complex building management issues, employers and clients value the CFM certification.

Before the facility manager can sit for the CFM exam, they must complete training and gain experience. The CFM credential for facility managers is unrelated to the CFM designation that the Institute of Management Accountants used to award to accountants and other financial professionals.

Knowledge and Experience

The CFM exam requires candidates to have at least some post-secondary schooling. Four years of work experience is required for individuals who hold the FMP credential in addition to a bachelor's or honours degree in a subject unrelated to facility management.

Three years of experience are required for those with a related bachelor's degree and an FMP. Those without an FMP need an extra year of experience in both situations. Whether or not they have FMP certification, graduates of bachelor's or master's degree courses that have been approved by the IMFA must have three years of work experience prior to sitting for the CFM exam.

Examining Procedure

The certified facility manage test consists of 180 multiple-choice questions and is given by computer at a testing facility. It takes five hours to complete. The questions are centered on precise, real-world scenarios associated with the particular fields in which expertise is required.

For instance, there might be inquiries about tracking the performance of new maintenance equipment budgeted for or about inventory methods for monitoring real estate assets. The IFMA provides a range of study resources, including a sample exam.

Advantages of Getting CFM

The CFM is a completely optional certification, and in any authority where such licenses are required to practice as a facility manager, it is not identified as a professional license. The fact that it is based on genuine expertise as a facility manager, however, demonstrates that its holder is able to apply his experience and understanding to real-world facilities management situations. Employers view it as a sign of accomplishment and expert knowledge, and clients seek out companies whose managers and employees have obtained CFM certification.

Final Takeaway:

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