Power BI - For Microsoft Enterprise Project, Portfolio Management

According to a 2023 report, almost 23% or fewer companies are using BI project portfolio management, as many are based on paper, Excel, fragmented tools, and collaboration and finite integration features.

The report generated by this method dominates productivity and creates hurdles in report generation. So, now the time has come to fill the bridge gap by exploring the capability of streamlined collaboration and reporting.

In this blog, you will learn how Business Intelligence helps in automatic report generation with Power BI Project Portfolio Management.


Microsoft Portfolio Project Reports:

Dashboard Reports:

With the help of Power BI, you can get the print of the project's health; track the progress of work, cost status, work statistics, project landmarks, and upcoming tasks.

Resource Reports:

It provides insights into all resources and the complete work status of the team members of specific projects.

Cost Reports:

Cost reports offer insights into cost overruns, cash flow, and contrast of schedules and costs to detailed and baseline overviews of task costs and resources.

How is Power BI helpful in the automation of Microsoft Project Portfolio Reports?

Making project reports is one of the uninteresting tasks. In this way, Power BI can assist greatly in making the process simple with the help of data collection, analysis, and sharing. 

You can import the project data directly from Microsoft Portfolio Project to Power BI. During this, you don't require third-party platforms. So you can make your reports completely cloud-based.


How to save your Project in Project Portfolio Management?

  1. Select the "Get Data" option present in the Power BI Desktop. Tap on "Excel" and get your saved Excel file. Then you can select the data of the report.
  2. With the help of Power BI, you can create project reports with data such as timelines, tasks, and resources. On the other hand, you can add slicers and filters for captivating reports of trends.
  3. You can publish the data report online with the help of Power BI. You just click on the "Publish" option. Besides, you can share it with your organization's stakeholders.

This procedure offers a convenient method to make customized project reports through Power BI. On the other hand, there are a few limitations when you go towards a cloud environment. These include:

Manual effort:

The requirement of data exporting and reloading manually from Microsoft Projects to Excel for Business Intelligence leads to massive time consumption. It directly results in errors and various other issues like data integrity. 

Limited real-time analysis:

Real-time data analysis is unable to do if there is no automatic syncing. In this way, Business Intelligence is the only option left for manual import. 

Data security:

Transferring project data via Excel can result in security issues, particularly in the case of sensitive project information.

 Report Automation:

According to the IDC – International Data Corporation reports, the overall data of the entire world can grow from 33 Zettabytes to 175 Zettabytes in 2025. In this way, Project management by BI is the tool that helps greatly. It not only collects but organizes and analyzes the essential project data in no time.

Time and resource savings:

Report Automation by Business Intelligence can greatly save time and resources, which requires analyzing and compiling the data of the organization project.

Enhanced accuracy:

With the help of BI, there are minimum chances of human errors which make reliable and consistent reporting for better decisions.

Real-time insights:

Report automation by BI offers updated information, and data-driven decisions and enables timely for better results outcomes.

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Final words:

It concludes that Power BI also plays a vital role in Microsoft Portfolio and Project Management. The participants can Foster their skills by taking AI, and BI Training Programs from Team Academy.