Power BI is considered the dynamic solution of current times. Now you can elevate data analysis capabilities to the next level. To obtain better insight and enhance sales, your sales team can use Power BI. To better understand and promote sales, sales professionals can get help from Power BI.


Real-time data for reachable insights

One of the main problems and critical challenges for Sales Professionals is getting authentic, real-time data. You may be unaware of the numerous things you will close every week. The Power BI gives all the required information reports and dashboards. They update the dashboards periodically to make sure that they are constantly refreshed. On the other hand, sales professionals can approach all the information they need for critical metrics and their team performance. These include revenue, win rate, conversion rate, and more. In this way, they can take better steps to enhance outcomes.


Customized sales dashboards

All users have their requirements, so not all of them need similar information. Power BI offers users many options, like various templates, to assist sales professionals in creating customizable dashboards along with simple drag-and-drop features. It does not require any code. Additionally, you can use these customizable dashboards to detect various opportunities, create comparisons and make better decisions.


Various data sources to improve reporting

If you are utilizing data from various sources, it cannot be easy to collect data. Besides, it leads to various manual manipulations. However, with a better interface and Common Data Service, Power BI can link multiple data sources for collective sales data and information from different databases and departments. These include marketing or operations. It enhances collaboration with other departments and decision-making. 


Powers BI can Benefit Sales Professionals in three ways:

As marketing is evolving continuously, the data is available in large quantities. In this way, it becomes challenging to identify the need of customers. Numerous data influxes enter your system regularly. Categorizing the data sets, spreadsheets, and various apps can slow them, impacting the profitability and growth of the organization. According to recent studies, about 90% of sales professionals consider the cause of failure to be missed opportunities. The only solution is Power BI which helps sales professionals to collect, categorize, and visualize their data in one place.

There are three methods to improve your sales through data visualization.


Instant reports:

Companies constantly look for innovative ways to boost productivity. For sales professionals, manual reporting is time-consuming compared to technology capable of sorting through data from various sources and generating actionable insights. Pipeline data and sales trends can be created in hours, minutes, and seconds rather than days. Besides, it gives you ample time to study and formulate strategic plans.


Data sharing across departments:

If sales professionals want to succeed, various organization departments require analytical success. Power BI supports over 60 apps; multiple departments can get data and exchange it with one another to deliver more profound insight. In this way, they can realign their plans more successfully.


Quota management:

Setting realistic quotas in an ever-changing market is challenging, particularly in cases when the success of sales is wholly based on factors such as area, month, and customer group. Power BI removes the complexity by bringing together past and present data in one location, allowing you to set goals for the future.


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Final Words:

Sales Professionals know well how to finalize the deal. But with Business Intelligence, it can be easy to cope with all complexities. The participants can foster their skills by taking AI and BI Training programs from Team Academy.