What are the required skills of facility manager?

We've compiled a list of the top 8 abilities we think a facilities manager needs.

  1. Technology receptivity

The technological era has arrived. Facilities managers and we both live there. In fact, technology is regarded as the most crucial resource in the sector, according to research. We have seen the rise of technological innovations like the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine learning, Big data, and building automation in facilities management over the past few years.

  1. Capability to communicate

Facilities managers frequently communicate with others. They communicate with building tenants or employees, deal with external vendors, and work with the service technicians, including cleaners and security guards. As a result, having strong interpersonal and communication skills is essential. Maintaining respectful but important communication can go a ways away and ensure job success. But it's also crucial to realize that interaction is only worthwhile when it's two-way. Don't talk over people. Discuss with them. Aim to be understood, but also pay attention to what others are saying. Communication is the glue that holds a job with as many moving parts as facilities management together.

  1. Leadership

As was already discussed, the Facilities Manager will be in charge of organizing events, managing maintenance teams, supervising construction projects, and communicating with outside vendors or contractors. Through Facilities Management, they are the ones taking the initiative and communicating the company's corporate goals. They must, therefore, possess excellent organizational and leadership skills. They must inspire and motivate those who report to them and ensure that everyone on staff is aware of the company's mission in order to accomplish their ultimate objectives. They are also accountable for keeping an eye on employee performance, evaluating them, and making any necessary adjustments.

  1. Inquisitive mind

Every day, facilities managers must deal with an enormous amount of data, including financial plans and budgets, statistics on building usage, and user satisfaction levels. Critical thinking and appropriate numerical skills are therefore essential. Although it's not necessary to have won the Nobel Prize in mathematics, it is necessary to be able to interpret important numbers. Simply track the appropriate facilities management metrics, derive actionable insights from them, and apply those insights to problem-solving.

These pertinent metrics can include things like

The proportion of office space that is used.
The proportion of meeting rooms that are used.
The proportion of technical space that is used.
Total software and equipment downtime.
Total electricity used.

  1. Adaptability

It suffices to say that not everything goes as planned. Consider all of the possible problems with your everyday activities. There is a chance of a crisis. The elevator could malfunction. Contractors may fail to show up. The actual figures may differ from your preliminary budget. Even though trying to deal with these unknowns can be challenging, the capability to think rapidly and devise a plan B is a very crucial skill. Staying calm under pressure necessitates quick thinking and adaptability.

  1. Legal knowledge

A large part of a facilities manager's job is to ensure that the amenities adhere to security, occupational safety, and environmental standards. Facilities Managers must be fully aware of all relevant laws, rules, and norms, as well as the implications for their place of work and how to deal with them effectively. This does not appear to suggest that a law degree is required for the position. Simply put, you need to understand how relevant regulations will impact your infrastructure and industry. This includes legal system, more specifically propositions responsibility, injury to a person, and labor laws, as well as governmental, state, and local laws.


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